What’s on Joe Mind Special Edition Lucky #13 – The Retaliation Event

You ever have one of those days?  Yeah, I think pretty much the entire G.I. Joe fandom yesterday had one of those days.  When I got the text message from Gary last night about possibly recording a special edition, I’ll admit, I was hesitant, as I think he was, too.  We both felt like we’d been kicked in the nards, and I don’t think either one of us was much in the mood to talk about it.

But then Twitter came to the rescue…  the Tweets, emails, PM’s, and text messages started flooding in…Joe fans who wanted to talk it out.  Admins of websites who wanted to talk about this.  Wanted an immediate reaction.  So, we decided what the hell.  Gathering together a veritable “who’s who” of site administrators, G.I. Joe fans, elitists podcasters, and even some industry professionals, we took to Skype and gave it to you raw.

Full credit goes to Gary Godsoe who burned the midnight oil, spending hours after we were done recording getting the audio processed and online, pretty much raw and unedited.  I will admit…it was cathartic.  It was a huge help to me in figuring out where Paramount was coming from and what we should look towards moving forward to March, 2013, and I want to personally thank everyone who joined us.

Now, don’t think this is the end!  We are taking your voice mail messages as well in preparation for our normal recording next week.  We want to hear from YOU. Let your voices be heard concerning yesterday’s movie news. For our next episode we are going to feature YOUR voicemails. All you have to do is call in and share your thoughts. Please AT LEAST tell us your first name and PLEASE keep your messages no worse than a PG-13 rating. We reserve the right not to air any hostile or vulgar messages. (262) 515-9656

As of the recording last night we had already received almost two dozen voicemails, and obviously we can’t play them all, but we will choose some best of the best and share your raw emotion as we discuss what this means for the brand.  No worries, this is a story we will be talking about for a long, long time.  As usual, you can hit up our Podbean page to check out last night’s special edition, or check out the embedded player below.  Some brief show notes as always after the jump.



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It is the news NO ONE wanted to read.  It was the news NO ONE wanted to believe.  Regardless what no one wanted, it is the new reality of the motion picture dedicated to our favorite hobby.  Instead of being released June 29, 2012, the movie that we’ve waited so long for and seemed only a few weeks away got moved to March 2013.  Join WOJM co-hosts Chuck, Justin, Mike and Gary along with special guests Arune Singh from Marvel Comics and Brian Truitt from USA Today as we have a roundtable discussion with a number of community leaders about what this move means to the line and its future.  While disbelief and frustration are the theme of the night, the cast looks hard toward what if any silver lining can be found and attempt to predict what the next 9 months will bring.  Its a raw, unedited recording of a roundtable of fans picking up the pieces from the day.  May 23, 2012 is the start of a new reality for GI Joe.  Hear what the gang has to say…


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4 thoughts on “What’s on Joe Mind Special Edition Lucky #13 – The Retaliation Event

  1. It might be a little late, but I just left a voicemail as well. I look forward to hearing from my fellow Joe brothers because, darn, it has been hard to be a Joe fan the last few years. We’ve had some great product, themes, and entertainment, but everytime something really gets cooking it seems to get yanked away from us!
    *Sigma 6/ 8 inch Joes ended. Too sad.
    *The very popular 25th line (which had a decent run) went on hiatus for around 5-6 months to give us Rise Of Cobra.
    *While it was intended to be short term, Resolute seemed to have a nice following and a warm reception from a variety of fans. Nothing continued from there.
    *While ROC reception was mixed- (IMO Ok movie, fairly good toyline) it did give us some great toys. Rather than continue from there, Hasbro waited from Fall of 2009 until Fall of 2010 to give us POC.
    *Hasbro has had some killer SDCC exclusives. Too bad so few of us were able to get them.
    *The collector club has went through its fair share of troubles over the last year or so: when is that subscription line coming out again?
    *I think Renegades had potential and was winning people over. Too bad it got killed off to focus on the impending movie line. Oh, wait…
    *POC was amazing, as was the continuation in the 30th Anniv line. Once again, it pretty much disappeared in December. My shelves are still devoid of Joe product.
    *Our shelves will soon be filled with Joe product not designed with collectors in mind and yet with no movie or advertising to sell it to the kiddies.

    I hope my rant doesn’t seem like I’m bashing the property or the merchandise. The Joe figures have almost been consistently amazing up until the Retaliation line: it just seems that Hasbro seems so focused on continously refreshing things that it becomes frustrating. I’ve been a G.I. Joe fan since I received my 1986 General Hawk (I was probably 3). I’m not going away soon. Still, even for me, these periods of hiatus and waiting cause me to venture to other properties. Despite their problems, Mattel has figured out a way to keep Masters of the Universe fans consistently engaged and excited month after month, and they have been doing so since 2008. Hasbro needs to find a way to keep the Joe property constantly on people’s minds (both kids and collectors). Oh well, at least I have my Larry Hama penned G.I. Joe comic to find comfort in.

  2. OK well, the Executives saw what happened to Battleship after Avengers and said “Wait we’re after Spiderman and before Batman, we’re screwed….” So after spending millions on promotion this season and raising our hopes they dash them by moving it to next year and doing crappy after production 3D (Which always sucks…) Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t watch 3D movies unless they are free… I don’t think they add much to anything… Also I am not seeing Spiderman in the theaters and I am getting less excited about Batman Everyday… I WAS REALLY excited for G.I.Joe and Prometheus… No movie that has ever been delayed has done well in any fashion. Poor decision making all around…

  3. Hey guys…. The Jinx figures for comicon… the red was the nod to the original the white was what she wore in the comic… yeah there is a version of it in the movie, but the white is the outfit she trained with Billy in and the one she went on the mission with Scarlett, Snake Eyes, The blind Master, Tommy, and Billy when they met at the White Clowns circus.

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