Registration for the 2012 G.I. Joe Convention is LIVE

That’s right, you didn’t misread the headline… registration for the 2012 G.I. Joe Convention in New Orleans is officially live and ROCKING!

Hit up to fill out the form, sign up and prepare for New Orleans.  One hint…  if you are an existing member, if you want to sign in, enter the CAPTCHA information on the login screen and just hit “Enter”.  That will process the CAPTCHA and let you log in.

Seeya in NOLA!

6 thoughts on “Registration for the 2012 G.I. Joe Convention is LIVE

  1. much easier than i thought itd be. see youse guys in NOLA.

  2. The system says my account isn’t active, even though it expires in 2013 Wonderful

  3. Good thing they didn’t go live before the movie was pushed back. That would have made for some awkward refunding of the private screening.

  4. if you guys dont mind….field 2.5 questions for a joecon newbie…

    A. i know ”cash is king” when it comes to the dealer tables. but, what about the con ”extras” (by that i mean akin to last years mocassin and stinger). can you pay with plastic for those?
    B. when it comes to picking up the OG sets….i read that i will be emailed a pickup schedule…is that the only time ill have to pick up my booty? how much time is allowed for such a glorious event?

    thanks guys…….sucks being a virgin!

  5. Blame Gary & Justin for not covering that on their podcast :-P

    Yes, you usually can buy with plastic for Convention souvies from the club store. I suggest picking up your sets and buy your souvies in the next line right after all at the time try say; which is usually Thursday evening or night unless you are a golden ticket

  6. Same with me Chris. Missed out on some upgrades I planned to get bc of it and made travel plans around. Very disappointed.

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