San Diego Comic Con Jinx in hand images!

Yes, we’re getting ever closer to the 2012 G.I. Joe Convention, but hot on the heels of JoeCon this year will be San Diego ComicCon, and part of the big SDCC showing this year will be a pair of exclusive Jinx figures.

The decision makes sense with Jinx being a big part of G.I. Joe: Retaliation and with a desire to fill in some gaps in the old school roster.  Well, old friend Gyre-Viper has gotten his hands on one of these excellent looking Jinx figures, and we’ve got some great in hand pictures at  He was also kind enough to supply an exclusive image to GeneralsJoes featuring the card back and file card.  Excellent!

I’ve mirrored a chunk of the images here, but you should hit up to see the full selection.  Some great details revealed!

10 thoughts on “San Diego Comic Con Jinx in hand images!

  1. Zarana was only $14.99, so I wonder if they will hold the line on that price, or increase it like the rest of the basic figures have. Can’t wait to see more of the white variant to go with this one.

  2. Cool figure but I think I prefer the black and yellow Retaliation version.

  3. She looks cool but I’m surprised how many people are excited to “finally” get a Jinx. She wasn’t big in the comic book and her time was way after the ‘toon so I don’t get the huge fan following for what I consider to be a “bit” character. To each his own though.

  4. She played a pretty good sized role in the movie though which I imagine is why so many people like her. Same with Falcon, Law, Tunnel Rat. We’ve gotten the other 3 already. Now we get Jinx to complete the set if you ignore Big Lob.

  5. Yeah although I would prefer if the Retaliation version had red instead of yellow though. Of the two SDCC exclusives, I’m actually more interested in the white one.

  6. Jinx stood out to me fairly strongly from watching “the movie” re-runs (split in parts) on the TV back in the day.
    And then in the comics, Jinx was alongside Stormy off and on, with the blind master, and working the Presidio, and saving the President on “Ladies Day,” and what not.

    And then as a figure, the ’87 figure kicked much butt…, even against Dice. (bo-staff adversaries in way…) And Jinx was my only female ‘Joe character/ figure for the longest time.

    Maybe from an “expanded” character list view, Jinx is really a strong presence, just outside of the list of more often produced characters?

    But the real question, where are the ninja-haters now? Or are ninjas okay now? :p

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