G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club pulls back the curtain on Convention Horror Show!

That must have been a big curtain!

I know a lot of fans have been hopping up and down just waiting for this fan favorite character to make his appearance in the Convention boxed set.  Well, the fans have gotten their wish!  Last night the Collectors’ Club revealed the convention exclusive Horror Show, which is the last figure in the boxed set for 2012, and they’re ending with a bang.

We all should have assumed that this figure would not resemble the familiar quilted jacket that we knew from the comics and cartoon, since no existing tooling could match that.  So the Club did something rather unique.  The vest is from Shadow Tracker and it seems to be covering a torso that also utilizes the jacket bottom from G.I. Joe: Renegades Cobra Commander.  The end result is a long jacket with some great pockets and pouches that gives the figure some extra bulk.  Looking at his legs, too, he’s using the Resolute Roadblock legs, so obviously he will have some nice height due to those parts being used, too.

One more cool touch are his arms, which look to be pulled from the previously canceled Pursuit of Cobra Arctic Duke.  The result is a nice, hefty looking figure with an absolutely perfect head sculpt that is a pretty neat update to the familiar Oktober Guard heavy weapons specialist.  I’m not entirely sold on the way the vest meshes with the jacket underneath, and look forward to a bit more explanation on that one, but the figure itself looks great.  Check out some images below:

Horror Show

Group Shot (this is my own Photoshop work, NOT the Club’s)

The Entire boxed set

For the latest details make sure you keep checking GIJoeCon.com.  Registration will be live any time!

One thought on “G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club pulls back the curtain on Convention Horror Show!

  1. He’s wearing a dress. At least he doesn’t look like a street walking floozy like those IGs with their short skirts and thigh highs.

    Amazing that they were actually able to put together such an underwhelming set for the Oktober Guard.

    And they got a lot of nerve raising the price up $40 from last year even though over half of it required no real work from them. That plus the credit card BS they put people through because of their lax security and raising prices for a fan demanded team of characters really comes off like a kick in the nuts to me.

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