Another cool Cobra Trooper image from Cobra Special Forces

This is starting to become a regular occurrence.  Over on the Cobra Special Forces Facebook Page, another image of Cobra Troopers has been posted, this time with the troopers in attack formation on a raft.  It’s a neat image because the faces of the troopers appear to be covered this time around rather than having those somewhat strange open face helmets.

Check out Cobra Special Forces for the original image, and see it mirrored below.

4 thoughts on “Another cool Cobra Trooper image from Cobra Special Forces

  1. that is a direct homage to the cobra night landing playset! one would assume.

    id heard that there was some sort of ”military movie” being filmed out at the spillway….looks like this is what they saw.

  2. Justin, it looks like they just have dark camo face paint on…I think they’re still the open face helmets. The fanboy in me wishes these were Eels. But, hey I’ll take what I can get and this looks to be a very awesome scene indeed!

  3. Yeah, you’re probably right, George. Here’s hoping that if we get a third movie, they’ll cover those faces with faceplates!

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