Great video interview of G.I. Joe: Retaliation director Jon Chu

Every time I hear this guy talk, I get a big smile on my face.  In many cases you can tell when the Hollywood machine is just working and the actors who proclaim their “fanboy” nature are sorta pandering to those of us who have been around the block a few times.

You heard it during the Rise of Cobra tour when Stephen Sommers said how much of a fan of the franchise he was, and then shoe-horned his “Accelerator Suit” concept into a film where it probably didn’t belong.  Just listening to Jon Chu talk about the G.I. Joe property, his genuine excitement and interest in the brand is palpable, and it feels much more than an act that we sometimes get with other movie makers.  That doesn’t guarantee it’s a great film, but I think that is certainly points for it, and combined with all the great footage and imagery that we’ve seen, I find myself even more ecstatic for June 29th.

In this interview he talks about the reasons why you should see this movie this year, the shenanigans that go on on the set of the film, and what makes this G.I. Joe film different than the others.  Check out the interview on Comic Book Movie, and I’ve also embedded it below.

Lady Jaye and Cobra Viper added to G.I. Joe Special Ops roster

Quickly becoming one of my favorite things to check up on, the G.I. Joe: Special Ops online game has added two more familiar faces to the roster today with Lady Jaye and the Cobra Viper.  Taking elements from various continuities, G.I. Joe: Special Ops seems like it’s trying to sample the best from everything.  Lady Jaye wears a tactical vest and is an established hard ass, yet she totes around javelins, and wears her hair long sort of like Adrianne Palicki.

The Cobra Viper looks a lot like the Viper we all know and love, but with a distinctly Sideshow Collectibles twist.  Thjey seem to be bringing a lot of very cool elements together. Now we just have to see how the game plays!  Check out the SyFy G.I. Joe: Special Ops website, and also check out the mirrored images below.

Another cool Cobra Trooper image from Cobra Special Forces

This is starting to become a regular occurrence.  Over on the Cobra Special Forces Facebook Page, another image of Cobra Troopers has been posted, this time with the troopers in attack formation on a raft.  It’s a neat image because the faces of the troopers appear to be covered this time around rather than having those somewhat strange open face helmets.

Check out Cobra Special Forces for the original image, and see it mirrored below.

More international posters and images from G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Big thanks to The Terror Drome for digging up these images from Stark Industries!  Looks like a poster from Russia, and then some very high res images that were the basis for recent Korean posters for the film as well.

Some great looking images here.  Check out the mirrored pictures below.

Cobra Special Forces Facebook Page gives a look at G.I. Joe: Retaliation HISS

The Cobra Special Forces Facebook page is quickly becoming the place to be for seeing some great new images from G.I. Joe: Retaliation.  We’ve already seen some awesome Cobra Trooper images, Firefly, and of course Cobra Commander, so it only seemed right that we now get a good look at the Cobra motor pool!

Behold… the Cobra HISS!


G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club pulls back the curtain on Convention Horror Show!

That must have been a big curtain!

I know a lot of fans have been hopping up and down just waiting for this fan favorite character to make his appearance in the Convention boxed set.  Well, the fans have gotten their wish!  Last night the Collectors’ Club revealed the convention exclusive Horror Show, which is the last figure in the boxed set for 2012, and they’re ending with a bang.

We all should have assumed that this figure would not resemble the familiar quilted jacket that we knew from the comics and cartoon, since no existing tooling could match that.  So the Club did something rather unique.  The vest is from Shadow Tracker and it seems to be covering a torso that also utilizes the jacket bottom from G.I. Joe: Renegades Cobra Commander.  The end result is a long jacket with some great pockets and pouches that gives the figure some extra bulk.  Looking at his legs, too, he’s using the Resolute Roadblock legs, so obviously he will have some nice height due to those parts being used, too.

One more cool touch are his arms, which look to be pulled from the previously canceled Pursuit of Cobra Arctic Duke.  The result is a nice, hefty looking figure with an absolutely perfect head sculpt that is a pretty neat update to the familiar Oktober Guard heavy weapons specialist.  I’m not entirely sold on the way the vest meshes with the jacket underneath, and look forward to a bit more explanation on that one, but the figure itself looks great.  Check out some images below:

Horror Show

Group Shot (this is my own Photoshop work, NOT the Club’s)

The Entire boxed set

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