GeneralsJoes Reviews three more G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures

The review frenzy this week continues as I cover three more single pack G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures today.

On the docket this time around are:

Don’t forget these figures can all be found on my G.I. Joe: Retaliation Review Page, and pre-orders are going strong over at Big Bad Toy Store!

16 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews three more G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures

  1. Hey Justin – not sure if you have the Black Cobra Commander fig from Resolute lying around, but is it possible to do a headswap of this head onto that one? I think that’d be much closer to the look from the movie (although even then, not perfect).

  2. I’d like to see that CC head atop the black Resolute 5-pack CC body. I bet it’d look sharp.

  3. I am, unfortunately, in the midst of moving, and all of my regular collectibles are packed up for the next 6 weeks.

  4. I took that picture last week before I was done packing my crap smart ass. ;) Now it’s all packed and I move tomorrow. Ugh.

  5. Good luck – I have a hard enough time moving five boxes of Joe stuff when I move. I assume you’ve got just a tad more lying around. :)

  6. Justin, is just me, an optical illusion, a perspective trick or does Snake Eyes’ left hand look bigger than the right hand?

  7. I’m guessing the “source of the suit” Snake Eyes has is the Renegades cartoon. I don’t think it actually appears in the film from what we’ve seen so far, and looks suspiciously like the Renegades costume, particularly when you look at the 3-pack version with its silver kneeguards. If you were to switch the head with that of the Snake Eyes driver figure/Retaliation Zartan’s alternate Snake Eyes head, with its sharply angular visor, I think the resemblance would be even more pronounced. I’m almost inclined to suspect that this was actually a canceled Renegades figure and the kitbashed Snake Eyes released for the Renegades sub-series was a placeholder for it.

  8. Also, his firearm is likely a KRISS Vector SMG. Basically, the same gun as PoC Dusty, albeit with an extended magazine and barrel (speaking of PoC Dusty, it amuses me that he came with a KRISS, as the original figure was armed with a French FAMAS assault rifle, and the design of the Vector’s unusual firing mechanism is credited to French engineer Renaud Kerbrat).

  9. Like all three! Snake Eyes is standard, but I like the crazy wingy backpack….well, not for him. I’d like to see what I can attach it to.

    Cobra Commander rocks in a 90’s way! Makes me feel like a kid, lookin’ at that sucker. The GIANT SNAKE staff is friggin’ hilarious but sadly useless; I’m still glad to get it for the eventual review. That is strange about the holster, though…I don’t see how making the holster stick out more makes it kid-friendly. ‘Course I’m just saying that myself; I assume many of these changes are to make the simpler so they weren’t the complicated things they’ve been recently (not that I mind; but some of them didn’t make very good kid’s toys, in my opinon). Anyway, CC is cool and I’m lookin’ forward to him.

    The Trooper is a terrible Trooper, but a cool figure! I doubt I’ll use the harness and helmet, but the rest is cool (and hell; the whole package is nice in general – just some parts don’t line up with my tastes). I REALLY love the rifle. I think I’m gona make him Ghost Bear.

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