GeneralsJoes kicks off the G.I. Joe: Retaliation figure reviews!

I know it took me some time to get them rolling, but we’re going now!  I have uploaded the first batch of G.I. Joe: Retaliation reviews.  Three reviews have been posted so far, but I’m hoping to get them all up by Monday at the latest.

Check them all out on my G.I. Joe: Retaliation review page, or click the links below.

Also, remember Big Bad Toy Store is offering all G.I. Joe: Retaliation items for Pre-Order, including Wave 2!  Check out the links below to get the early jump:


13 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes kicks off the G.I. Joe: Retaliation figure reviews!

  1. Great reviews as always, it would have been nice to see more standard accessories on these guys, but considering hasbro’s time-table got moved up a bit on the movie I’d say they did a good job. I love that youtube video by the way, I play it for my wife when she’s in a bad mood and it brightens her day right up!

  2. Well doesn’t this just figure. I went through some considerable trouble to get these figures so I could debate their pros and cons sensibly when you put up your reviews and what do you know? Your first three reviews hit everything dead on. I wasn’t looking forward to Duke but I also felt he doesn’t deserve as much crap as he’s been getting. In my opinion he’s the best movie version we’ve gotten, just no where near the POC or even Renegades versions.

    I was expecting to love Roadblock and in so many ways I do but that hand……oh my. And regardless he ultimately just doesn’t feel like Roadblock to a fan who’s been here since day one.

    Red Ninja I was also really looking forward to and he is the best f these three for sure but somehow, maybe due to accessories I like the 3-pack version better.

    Great reviews Justin.

  3. Cross-eyed C-Tates.

    And since I never see it mentioned by anyone, I guess I’m the only one bugged by all of the Roadblock offerings being sans Rock’s tattoos. I get that they’re a couple of difficult paint tampos that were probably costed out but they’re slapping Arashikage ink on the next single card release and they can’t even get the actual tattoos featured in the film on any of the movie Roadblock figures.

  4. I raise a motion that all movie Roadblock figures be photographed delivering wrestling moves henceforth.

    I assume there are no objections.

  5. i can deal with single-jointed knees to a great extent. however, the lack of an ankle joint, even if just a horizontal swivel, renders the T-bar and the waist useless.
    if even they they had that thigh-swivel that the Amazon Renegades do.
    very limited purchases this time around.

  6. Not bad. Red Ninja is a must, of course (and by the looks of it, that’ll be my first look at that mold…) and Duke will be good for parts. I DO like his vulcan cannon thing, but I think that’ll go better with an Accelerator Suit. Kinda wish it wasn’t so bright; on the other hand, it’s almost nostalgic!

    Roadblock…I’m debating, since we’ll get a version without the thingy on his hand (nobody wants a thingy on thier hand!) I don’t want ’em because there will be better ones, but I DO want him because he will make for a hilarious review. HMMMM….

  7. Well, the reviews thus far maintain my levels of disinterest in the line, this time around. So far its looking only like a Snake-eyes and GIJOE Trooper figure for me, and nothing else. Did I not read here on this very site, a claim from a Hasbro rep that the “Battle Kata” Roadblock ( the figure reviewed here) was to have come with a spare hand without the module molded to it….or was that a delusion on my part??

  8. Thanks for the reviews. I am content to say, these are an easy pass for me after seeing them here. I hope they sell to the kids, though…otherwise we may never get to the Night-Viper or the new Crimson Guard trooper.

  9. The body sculpt on that Duke figure deserves more than this. So disappointing. On his right leg, it looks like the black straps on his thigh don’t match. Is that right? If so, geez…

    Hard to believe they’d cheap out on the production end and then raise the price. I’m gonna be sitting most of this out. That makes me sad.

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