Further sightings and confirmations of Discount Joes at Dollar Generals

And the flood begins!  My comments, emails and text messages have been flying this evening as more folks are reporting sightings of the new discount G.I. Joe figures at Dollar Generals across the country.

UPDATE – Some questions about price… reports are retail of $6.00 per figure.

Everywhere from Tennessee to Oklahoma and St. Louis, but the one common denominator is they’re being found in Dollar General stores specifically.  Big thanks to both Mike from Whats on Joe Mind and GeneralsJoes visitor Dustin for forwarding some images along as proof.  Mike even included his trademark bananas.  Check out the images below, and just as a reminder of what you can expect, make sure you read up on the Dollar Store figures with my exclusive reveal right here.

13 thoughts on “Further sightings and confirmations of Discount Joes at Dollar Generals

  1. Have I missed the announcement of the price for these guys?

    I was hoping for Family Dollar ‘causE there are a few of those in Idaho that I can visit this summer.

  2. Sorry, Monte, just updated the post above with the price. Reports are $6 per pack.

  3. I’m having some issues getting some new digital images to upload off of my camera, or I’d have sent some better images to Justin by now… sorry, folks.

    It’s a good bunch of bananas, too.

  4. Monte-
    Are you just visiting Idaho? I’m moving back to Twin Falls in a week or so, and it would be awesome to meet up with a fellow collector! If I have a chance to grab you a set before I leave, I’ll do my best, if you want.

  5. Hey Man,

    Most likely yes, but things are all up in the air on our end; I just lost my job, and I’m applying for gigs on every damn continent to try to replace it. I’m finish out the school year, which means we’re here in Pakistan for three more weeks, and then, in a delightful and ironic twist of fate, we go on a European cruise which we paid for months and months ago and which we can only abandon now if we’re willing to sacrifice thousands of dollars in penalty fees, so we figure we may as well go through with it; would that unemployment could begin with a European cruise for everybody who loses a job!

    Right around mid-June we’re scheduled to arrive in Twin, where our storage and tax person and doctors and such are located, but what happens then will be determined by whether I am able to find a job in the meantime. The tentative plan is to spend a few days or a week there and then race over to California for a while and then return to Twin for another week or two in July, I suspect, but really, I have no idea what to expect. It’s all rather unnerving.

    That said, should the opportunity arise to spend some leisure time in Twin, then hell yeah, man, I’d love to meet up. Aside from my buddy Prowlar and a friend from my old LiveJournal days, I’ve never met any internet buddies in “real life”. We can meet at the Snake River Canyon and shoot some photos or something!

    When did you live in Twin before? Where are you moving there from now? (And what will you be doing for work and can I get in on it, ha ha ha ha).

  6. Does anyone here live in New Mexico, and if so have tey seen these anywhere??

  7. Don´t you guys think $6 is a high price for these figures, considering that you can find single cards form previous waves for $7-$9 in online retailers or even in toy stores?

  8. The average price right now is $8-10 for new Joes, so… no. These are pretty much exclusive to the “market six” stores and cheaper than the MSRP at the big boxes.

  9. went to 4 today on lunch. Nothing in Knoxville, TN yet. Still easily could visit 4-5 more next week.

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