Discount G.I. Joe figures reportedly found at a United States Dollar General

Granted, no images have surfaced yet, but over on, Stormtrooper53 is reporting that he has found Snake Eyes and Cobra Trooper at his local Dollar General store today!  I am inclined to believe him, even without the images.

You can see the report in this thread, I suspect it’s just a matter of time before more sightings start emerging.

Gentlemen (and ladies) start your engines!

Thanks to Billah Killcarr for the information.

13 thoughts on “Discount G.I. Joe figures reportedly found at a United States Dollar General

  1. I would greatly, greatly, greatly appreciate updates on this one, simply because here in Canada we have no idea if or when these are ever going to show up. We have a distinct lack of the type of chains that these things are likely to show up in given Dollarama’s dominance of the discount market.

  2. Well, there go my lunch hours for the foreseeable future.

    And Dollar Tree is a true “everything’s a dollar” store. They won’t have these, so don’t waste your time checking. Family Dollar and Big Lots are still good bets; both of those chains tend to carry this type of Hasbro product.

  3. Agreed. My nearest Dollar General is about 35 miles away, no way I can make dedicated trips… Family Dollar, on the other hand, is only about 5 minutes away on my way home from work. Hopefully we’ll see these there.

  4. Oh duh, just knew I had them around here, don’t think I’ve ever been in one though.

  5. between dollar generals and family dollars……..theres 13 between my house and work. 9 drivable from my house. its kinda rural where i live and these are pretty numerous. (especially after hurricane katrina)
    youd benefit from kevlar at a few nearer to work. a few you might want a suit of armour. and still some that require a class 5 starship defensive shield……but hey, its Joes baby!

  6. Just picked up Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow & Shipwreck in Eastern TN. They were labeled as $3.50 a piece but rang up as $6. Then manager took the cheap price down but gave them to me for $3.50. They had all the others as well but I left them for other folks

  7. @Geoff–
    The Liquidation World/Big Lots chain might carry these, but they also might show up at other chains, like Pharmasave etc.
    Discount lines like this have a habit at showing up in the oddest retail chains–like Tru-Value hardware stores–up here in Canada.
    Keep your eyes peeled and antennas up–I suspect Canadians will see this line up here.

  8. Anyone know if teh Dollarrama chain of stores in Canada is conneted to the General dolllar stors or the family dollar stores in the states?

  9. Dollar Generals in South Texas (Corpus Christi, TX) have started hitting…meaning I off to DG here in the Rio Grande Valley.

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