G.I. Joe: Retaliation black Cobra Commander from ToysRUs.com?

Well, put this firmly in the “what the what–?” column.  Apparently that formerly mysterious black Cobra Commander variant that was most recently seen as an Amazon.com exclusive has now started shipping in single pack form from ToysrUs.com.

Toys R Us had opened some G.I. Joe: Retaliation pre-orders a little while ago, and over on HissTank.com solid.wii reports that he received a black single pack Cobra Commander, and another member Rodimus88 confirms the fact.  There are also images of the packaged figure and the receipt, which I’ve mirrored below.

Does this mean this Cobra Commander will be found at brick & mortar?  It seems quite possible, but I guess time will tell.  Thanks to noted author James Kavanaugh from the RAHC Guide for linking this info.

6 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Retaliation black Cobra Commander from ToysRUs.com?

  1. my friends can joke all they want that im addicted to joe toys……..but, alas…i have more control than they think.

    that control kicks in solidly, at $9.99.

  2. Kind of removed the only reason for the Retaliation Sneak Peek pack, eh? Now all four figures are readily available in the exact same form in individual blister card or in the three packs, although in most cases with fewer accessories than the single packs… At least with Rise of Cobra the umpteen dozen Dukes and Snake Eyes had some sculpt or paint differences to make them interesting… I really regret buying that Sneak Peek pack now…

  3. $9.99 are you kidding me? I would pay that for Sci Fi and that wave but not for this fig. A higher price and less articulation equals no thanks.

  4. are you kidding me? Here in canada i pay $9.99 for all 3 and 3 quarter inch figures so don’t complain to me!

  5. Yeah, I’m kinda feeling burned myself. The Sneak Peek set was underwhelming, but now it feels like a complete waste of money.

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