G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals latest 2012 Convention Exclusive figure!

Another installment in the G.I. Joe Convention exclusive roster has been revealed!  Yesterday we got some insight into the story of the Oktober Guard vs. the Iron Grenadiers, and today we are getting a look at another figure from the set.

Today we are treated to Iron Grenadier Weapons Specialist!  Based off of the Resolute Destro tooling, and once again a figure from the canceled Iron Grenadier 5-Pack, I think this figure looks a lot cooler and more “Iron Grenadier” than the one yesterday.  I actually like the looks of this one a lot and think he’ll compliment Resolute Destro pretty damn nicely.  He’s a lot darker and more nasty looking than the one we got yesterday.  Digging it.  I’m still keeping fingers firmly crossed that we see some more named characters, especially with the revelation that Destro won’t be a part of the set.  It’s looking like we might get figure reveals all throughout the rest of this week.  Sign me up!

Check out the mirrored image below, and keep watching GIJoeCon.com for the latest info and the brochure.

13 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals latest 2012 Convention Exclusive figure!

  1. Justin,
    Any idea why did the club chose to go with painted mustard instead of metallic gold other than that the deco was pre-set; also, it would be nice to have the knee pads painted a non-leather deco?

  2. only three to go………dragonski, horror show and voltar…………hmm.

    so, perhaps registration can open next week?

  3. Just to dick with you!

    Like most Hasbro to Club offerings, they probably weren’t given much of a choice.

  4. Four to go…unless you’re assuming the third Iron Grenadier from the cancelled set will be in.

  5. That would make a great Destro, and be an EASY “custom” by way of a head swap!

  6. By the looks of it to we’re getting the figures from that cancelled five pack ( aside from Destro). Are the last two spots going for a couple of named characters liek Voltar and Metal Head or is it going to be teh last grenidier from the set and a named character? Any speculation?

  7. Anyone know where that machine gun came from? Doesn’t look like the typical Rock & Roll M-60, but maybe an MG-42. Nice choice, if a bit outdated for a MARS based group like the IGs.

  8. Not to be a party pooper, buts not the resolute destro body. It’s from the Renegades Cobra Commander.

  9. Tough to say. The Club will say as usual that colors are different on different monitors, but I don’t expect any drastic changes.

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