GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe Collectors Club Footloose!

I promise I will refrain from the Kevin Bacon jokes that I’ve been seeing a lot of since this figure was first announced…  :)

I’ve never been a huge Footloose fan, in all honesty, though reading his filecard made me wonder why not.  As we should all expect, Larry Hama was able to infuse so much damn character into someone in such a tiny written space, and Footloose is no exception.  He really is a fascinating guy.  I have read some complaints that this version of the character makes him a bit harder and “edgier” than folks would prefer, but I disagree.  I think this figure is pretty great.

Nice and military, great articulation, an awesome head sculpt… and the price is right!  Check out the full review below.

11 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe Collectors Club Footloose!

  1. Looking at the comparison pic with the old figure, it seems pretty clear that the club based the new expression on the old figure’s head, which looks a bit serious as well. I don’t understand the complaint.

    I think this fig is pretty much perfect, with the exception that it costs a fortune and is difficult to get. Even if you only count the $40 for the membership, given how small the magazine is (and is mostly comics I have no interest in anyway) it’s expensive. Granted, if this is the only way we will ever get this figure I guess it’s ok.

    But there is no doubt this is a HUGE improvement over Dial Tone, whose body just looks strange, warped, and non-proportional.

    Nice job Club!

  2. I have several vintage Footloose figures and their webbing is more or less the same colour as the Club version. I’m not really sure how you ended up with a figure with teal webbing.

  3. I think most of the filecards are kinda silly, but Footloose’s is pure gold. Love it. All the more reason, however, that the Claymore head is just a mismatch. He does not look very laid back. So, so glad the RoC head fits well, matches skin tone and accepts the helmet. He’s a perfect mark for the ARAH card front!

  4. Definitely not perfect. Many reports out there of the loose legs (mine has it) and the web gear just doesn’t work. The last one is a bummer, because it’s definitely got the vintage vibe. But having to hike it up and stretch it just to accommodate the backpack is a real downer. I’ve found the DVD set Roadblock web gear works best.

  5. Dude why is there a ‘smurf blue’ on your original footloose figure?

  6. I believe that is sun damage.

    I can’t believe you made an awesome LBC Falcon! I wish I could get another Footloose to do the same. Then I would need a 3rd for a Slaughter Marauder version. Unless the SM version is the 13th club figure. :D

  7. I’ve been wondering the same since this vintage Footloose appeared on Justin’s Dio-Stories…

  8. You don’t really need a third. If you got the second, you could just swap heads with Falcon. That would give you the Falcon you want as well as a decent SM Footloose.

  9. I’m pretty disappointed to see all these pictures that vividly illustrate how badly the webgear fits, then not see it mentioned at all in the review. I’d agree with most of the other observations and overall I think you’re right to call it a good figure, but there’s an obvious glaring flaw to it that you’re just not mentioning.

  10. he stands really awkwardly too in most of the photos, like he’s getting ready to boogie down at the local disco.

  11. He definitely looks very cool. I like the opening of your review. I liked the 25th anniv but I was always hoping for something new. That Falcon head swap does look very cool too.

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