Another great Cobra Trooper still image from G.I. Joe: Retaliation

The very cool Cobra Special Forces Facebook Page has posted another image of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Cobra Troopers, looking like they’re marching in formation.  Some excellent detail from the uniforms and helmets.

I will admit I’m not sold on the helmet look.  I would much prefer a facemask, or heck if I’m really dreaming, some sort of Viper facemask, but it’s not bad.  Hopefully as these films evolve further, eventually we’ll see some true blue-suited Cobra Troopers that we’re all used to.  Check out the gallery below with the added image.

3 thoughts on “Another great Cobra Trooper still image from G.I. Joe: Retaliation

  1. I’m not really a fan of this mask style either, I wold rather have the original trooper bandana over the mouth look as well. I think if they went witht the Viper look it would confuse the less educated Joe fan that see’s the movie. Having the commander wear the chrome shield and then all the troopers looking the same. I dont want to have to explain it

  2. Is it just me, or do they look a little like Starship Troopers?

    I can see why they went with an open face though. My understanding is the plot of the movie is pass the Cobra militia off as legitimate law enforcement and peacekeepers. T’would be hard to sell to the public with guys in face banadas that look like late 80’s Crips.

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