Amazon G.I. Joe: Renegades and Retaliation 4-Packs are BACK IN STOCK

Go Go Go!!

Thanks to many different folks who passed this along.  Not sure how long they’ll last, so move quick.

In hand images of the Renegades 4-Pack are below, courtesy of edhellman at HissTank.

13 thoughts on “Amazon G.I. Joe: Renegades and Retaliation 4-Packs are BACK IN STOCK

  1. When the first popped up at that price I wasn’t willing to buy them without good pics, then I went to work and they were quickly sold out. At first I felt I missed out, now I am not so sure. No new wrist articulation, elongated feet, and cartoony faces. Se really looks too toony and I appear coats to be soft goods. Overall I would have probably picked up a (red) ninja viper as singles, but I don’t really feel i missed out.

    Thanks for sharing edhellman!


    still not going to pull the trigger, but I know others will want to

  3. How did I read this, make my original post, and see it elsewhere before I realized this said, “BACK in stock” right at the top! *face palms.

  4. I went ahead and ordered this. The price is high, but the single figures are $11 in my area. I also really like the cartoon look. I’m a little nervous about the hips, but if they work the way I hope they do, then they plus the rocker foot will mean these ninjas will be able to pose better than any we’ve had before.

    That, ultimately, is what sold me on getting them; the hope that all the articulation is going to work very well.


    But seriously, the Renegades pack looks too awesome to miss. Because you know…I need even MORE different versions of SE and SS! Oh heck, I collect G.I. Joes; no sense acting as if this wasn’t going to happen. Step one: Complain about price. Step two: Look at toys and realize you REALLY like that 200th version of that one guy. Step three: Stop eating food because TOYS.

  6. I’m glad that Hasbro went with a more realistic look for these figures in the 30th line. I really hate the cartoon look. Animated works for the “Clone Wars” toys but not GI Joe.

  7. Those knee pads on the 4-Pack Duke are way too large, to the point of looking goofy.

  8. I got my set today and it’s a very good set. I love the Snake Eyes with trench coat look, particularly since it was actually in the TV show a few times. And the major plus for Renegades fans – Duke comes with 6 Renegades style guns – 2 x very small pistol (did this come with Scarlett?), 2 x larger pistol (came with Duke), and 2 x Assault Rifle. Let’s you arm up your Renegades figures with a much better set of equipment (particularly those figures that were short-changed in the accessory department).

    Yes the other ninjas are okay. Lots of movement in the legs with the new hip joints. Not sure I’m a big fan, but neat.

    Got the movie set too. Weird set of figures in that bunch and I noticed the lack of articulation in the legs right away. Overall, the Renegades pack is the better, by far.

  9. I got my Renegades pack today, too. I am surprised at how much I like the new Snake Eyes. Duke’s giant knee pads don’t really bother me, and I like the ninjas. I actually like these new hips, my only complaint (and it’s not really that big of a deal for me on figures this size) is that the plastic used is a little too flexible.
    Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who likes the animated style.

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