Sneak Preview and Renegades 4-Packs are IN STOCK.

Happy Monday!

As I sit here Monday morning preparing to do some catch up posts I see that now has the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Sneak Preview 4-Pack and the G.I. Joe: Renegades 4-Pack in stock and ready to ship.

I will admit, though, the $40 price tag took me by surprise.  I’d think a benefit to buying a 4 pack is that maybe it would be cheaper than buying the 4 figures individually…  but not so much. That being said, I am ALL OVER that Renegades pack.  Click the links below to order ’em up!

I’m hoping these sell well and convince Amazon to continue doing stuff like this in the future.

20 thoughts on “ Sneak Preview and Renegades 4-Packs are IN STOCK.

  1. For $40 I expect some better images of what I’m buying.

    Or not buying, since I don’t have said images.

  2. The Renegades 4-pack has been bought because it’s Renegades and SS and the Red Ninja have an interesting look to them. I’ll wait on Retaliation. I expect those will be cheaper at Target and Wal-Mart.

  3. I picked up the Retaliation pack, can’t make myself pay $10 a piece for two figs that I already have. Excited about having the Retaliation toys though!

    Now if I open them is a different story, sucks being a MOC guy sometimes!

  4. *Sigh* I don’t know if I can keep this up. I quit Marvel Legends awhile ago because ten was a bit much to pay if I was trying to buy most of a wave, so I started getting the smaller figures ’cause A) Space saving, and B) cheaper. Now 6 inch figures are moving in the range of 15 to 20 and I gotta pay ten bucks for a little figure. I mean, I want to buy the Renegades set, but…I already spent enough on the subscription for MotUC this month and will be doing that each month. I got my wave of G.I. Joes every so often, but now I’m gona be killin’ the wallet every time I get a batch. I understand inflation, but if I’m not getting paid any more than usual then it just keeps getting more expensive and I just can’t keep it up.

  5. Yeesh – I’m with Alexx. GI Joe was working for me at $7, even $8 a figure. But to sell Retaliation at $10 is ridiculous. I want that Renegades set, and so help me, I’ll likely buy it, but I’d rather save my money for the Convention exclusives at this point, and wait to see the Retaliation figures on clearance at Ross, where I’ll be able to stock up on Roadblock figures with Swivel Arm Battle Chunk-of-Plastic-Molded-to-His-Grip.

  6. I’m pretty surprised at the price. I wouldn’t pay half that for those Retaliation figs. It seems like the Renegades figs could have been sold cheaper unless there is new tooling that I can’t see. Either way, I love Renegades and I will get that set.

  7. No filecards I can deal with. Lack of accessories, lack of paint/detail, lost articulation and of minor note are the lack of figure stands. However it all adds up to a less attractive package, and to not even be able to see what might be included beyond a figure in a baggie makes it a real “pass”. I have not even gotten the Dreadnoks or Slaughter’s Mauraders sets yet, which are $49.99 with 7 figures each. I know what I’ll be buying in the next week.

  8. It feels like Hasbro really doesn’t care if they cannot supply the retailer with a package that shows off better, or at least some stock footage of the product inside.

  9. Small Joes now cost more than Commando-scale Sigma 6 figures cost us just a few short years ago.

    I’m not out of the game, but I am dialing WAY the hell back. $10 or more for a far inferior product than what I paid $8 for two months ago? No thanks.

  10. Renegades pack is “currently unavailable” meaning they sold out of their initial allotment. Good news I guess. I hesitated on getting both this morning when I saw the news. Had them in my cart but couldn’t pull the trigger. Went to get them just now and only the Retaliation pack was available. Oh well. Don’t really “need” a bare arms Storm Shadow or another Duke.

  11. its not just the toys that have gone up in price, its everything. we as a country are paying more for less, whether its food right up to government taxes.

  12. And here’s something else to note if it hasn’t been done yet. The commander is listed as having the alias of “Rex Lewis.” We can add that clue to the who’s-under-the-mask mystery.

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