G.I. Joe: Initiate shows off their Cobra Trooper!

G.I. Joe: Retaliation isn’t the only G.I. Joe themed motion picture that’s in the midst of production!  Exciting news today as the fanfilm G.I.Joe: Initiate has begun filming!  We’ve been talking about this quality looking fanfilm since pretty much the beginning, and I know I was psyched when it reached its Kickstarter goals.

As celebration of their filming getting underway, the guys behind G.I. Joe: Initiate have revealed an image of their Cobra Trooper from the film…and it looks awesome.  You can follow all of the progress on the G.I. Joe: Initiate Facebook Page, and check out the Cobra Trooper below.  Good stuff here, and can’t wait to see the finished product!

One thought on “G.I. Joe: Initiate shows off their Cobra Trooper!

  1. first off, let me say…i wish these guys nothing but the absolute best of luck. however, i typically HATE fanfilms and tend to not even bother watching them. that being said, that is an awesome execution of design. i liked the ”MARS troopers” as toys and was disappointed when there was nothing remotely close in the movie.
    and once again, good luck Initiate makers.

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