A possible hint of Arnold Vosloo in G.I. Joe: Retaliation?

I know this could be considered grasping at straws, but I honestly think that there’s a valid point here, too.  By now we’ve all seen this new trailer footage a few dozen times (at least) and one of the most striking scenes is the scene where Zartan (disguised as the president) slices his face open, and it heals up behind the blade.  We get a cool blue skin homage that only lasts a couple of seconds.

Well, GeneralsJoes reader ghost man decided he might have seen something…so he did some screen capture comparisons and sent them along.  Check out the image below.

Now, I’ve already been accused of dissecting this film footage way too much on the site by someone, but I thought this was just a fun note to point out.  Take a look at the second-to-last image, and look at Vosloo right next to it.  I’ll be damned if that’s not a close match.  The shape of the jawbone, the narrow smile…even the eyes.  Sure, it may just be a computer generated fabrication, but if nothing else, it indicates that possibly Zartan can change back, and perhaps we’ll see Vosloo somewhere along the way.

A very interesting comparison, and a big thanks to ghost man for sending it along.  Yes, I fully admit I am way too invested in this film and this property, but it’s not like a blockbuster summer film comes along every day.  I will happily take apart every single second of it.

UPDATE – Some folks have been reminding me that IMDB has Arnold Vosloo listed as a cast member.  Please keep in mind that IMDB does allow user-edited content (like WikiPedia) and isn’t always accurate.  After all, as of a couple of weeks ago, they had “Zandar” listed as a character in the film as well.  He very well might be, but for some reason I’m not betting on it.

9 thoughts on “A possible hint of Arnold Vosloo in G.I. Joe: Retaliation?

  1. I thought the same thing when I saw some still images. Of course, it’s probably not him anywhere near the movie…but it’s nice that they used his likeness in a scene like that…after all THIS ISN’T A REBOOT.

  2. what can i say? we had a very slow day at work and was really studying those screen caps. hahaha. first time i saw Arnold Vosloo was in “hard target”, 1993. soon as i saw him, my first impression was ”that guy should play Zartan…whenever they get around to making Joe.” when it was announced that Vosloo was going to play Zartan in RoC, man, was i ecstatic.
    i hope my ”discovery” points to a full blown appearance….and from all the tidbits and spoiler-esque info ive read…i think it does.

  3. consider this……chances are that Zartan will see some sort of ”action” after his (inevitable) discovery….i seriously doubt he’ll do any fighting as jonathan pryce…and the audience will need a ”default” to identify as Zartan. having him contiually shape-shift and not give him a face to keep track of, could potentially throw the audience off. a semblance of linear storytelling has to be maintained.
    theyre trying to pull in more audience…the hat wont be tipped too early.
    Vosloo’s in……..oh yeah.

  4. also…i would imagine that Vosloo’s publicist, or someone in the publicist firm, is charged with keeping track of internet news, rumors and such for their clients. im sure that would include checking the IMDB periodically for any wrong listings. he’s been on the cast list for Retaliation since the page went up. if he was not in the movie, i feel that by now, his ”people” wouldve addressed it and had him removed.

  5. Arnold Vosloo said in an interview he’ll be in the movie. So unless the part was cut out/changed, he’ll be in it. However it’s just a small part. Sadly.

  6. I kinda like Vosloo as Zartan, playing a skilled human impersonator just like in his Darkman films. [clears throat] [voice changed to match subject] “It would be….just fine.”

  7. I realized this immediately when I saw the trailer. I had assumed it was common knowledge.

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