The new G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer is LIVE

With thanks to Machinima, we have a brand spanking new G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer!  Boo YA!

We knew it was coming, we were ready for it…but could we really be totally prepared for the awesomeness it would bestow upon us?  HISS Tanks rolling upon Washington, DC?  Firefly, Cobra Commander, Roadblock, and Snake Eyes oozing awesomeness from every pore?

June 29th, I’m ready and waiting for you!  Let’s do this.

5 thoughts on “The new G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer is LIVE

  1. This movie is gonna be SICK. Thanks for all the hard work posting for us every day and your contributions to the GI JOE franchise, General.

  2. How in the HELL does this only have one comment?

    I wasn’t going to watch because I want the actual screening to be as new as possible, but I caved in about five seconds and OH MY GOD SO GOOD.

  3. Those mosquitoes on accelerator suits rocks! And Snake´s bike transforms into something! Wow!!! London will be destroyed!!! :S

    This movie will be crap.

  4. How can there still be haters? This film looks awesome. Drop the GIJoe monicker and it looks like a super kick-ass summer action film. Add the GIJoe elements and its so much more, especially for us fans.

    I mean, I can’t even describe how far we’ve come. This time before Rise of Cobra I was thinking “This really cant be that bad can it? I mean, its GIJoe.” And here I am now thinking “This really can’t be that awesome can it? I mean, its GIJoe”

    Can’t wait to see this film, second on my must see films only to Prometheus.

    One of the things I’m looking forward to is that if this movie does well IDW is likely to start releasing a monthly comic that follows this timeline. They’ve done an amazing job with the new Star Trek continuity working together with the director/writer of the new Star Trek films to gap the time inbetween the two movies and then continue on after the new movie hits theaters. I would love to see this for GIJoe……provided the movie is actually as good as it looks. Dont want to get too far ahead of myself here.

    Anyways, looking forward to this one BIG TIME.

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