JoeDeClassified continues the barrage with the Mighty KWINN!

Yes, he is not a myth.  He is not a fairy tale.  Finally after almost 30 years, the engimatic Eskimo known only as Kwinn is finally on the precipice of release…and you can get your first look at in house pictures right now over on!

It seemed to take forever for Kwinn to finally get his plastic due in his most familiar jungle khaki look, but when he debuted a JoeCon last year it seemed to be worth the wait.  He was friggen perfect.  Then, suddenly he wasn’t.  Delays.  Nobody was entirely sure how or when the figure would see release.  There were rampant rumors of convention exclusives and even *gasp* cancellation.

Well, there is still no concrete word about the fate of Kwinn the Eskimo, but evidently the figure is in some stage of production, because Gyre-Viper has got some test shots, baby, and he’s posted them RIGHT HERE.  I am mirroring all of these images below because Kwinn deserves all the attention he gets.  A day like today I absolutely love the irony…on a day where we’re all waiting with baited breath to see the 21st Century iteration of G.I. Joe in trailer form, a dated 25 year old legend gets his time in the spotlight.

It is as it should be.  Hopefully we’ll all be able to get him at retail sooner rather than later, but until then, live vicariously through Gyre-Viper.

7 thoughts on “JoeDeClassified continues the barrage with the Mighty KWINN!

  1. Which body part and Dark Pantheon of Elder Gods do I have to sacrifice to see this released for everyone?

  2. Which body part and Dark Pantheon of Elder Gods do I have to sacrifice to see this released for everyone?

  3. Does anyone else think that the last pic kind of looks like a younger version of Larry Hama?

  4. Seeing those knee joints on “flesh” is mildly off-putting. As a consequence, I will probably only buy two or three Quinns. Take THAT, Hasbro!

    Seriously, though, it cracks me up that there are ’80s fans who mock the Adventure Team and are desperate for this figure. This guy IS the Adventure Team. Just look at him!

    That’s how I’ll be using him, for sure.

  5. Absolutely perfect! OUTSTANDING!!!

    After months of disappointment with movie figures, seeing this figure shining in the net is a relief. I know it has to be released first, but I´m really happy anyway!

    Has Gyre-Viper ever revealed how he can grab all these prototypes???

  6. OH man I can’t wait for this to hit the stores. After suffering through the zombie Viper I say BRING KWINN OUT NOW lol.

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