As if the Dollar Store exclusives weren’t enough… VARIANTS?!?

Oh boy.  Gyre-Viper took the world by storm last week when he broke the news about the Dollar Store exclusive figures with a great vintage aesthetic.  Well, he’s about the blow the doors off again on

Apparently these Dollar Store exclusive figures won’t just be appearing in one paint scheme…  check out this amazing new gallery below of fully repainted variant figures for the exclusive line!  We’ve got what almost looks like a T’Ginzu repaint Storm Shadow, a dark gray Duke, black Cobra Commander, comic deco Cobra Troopers, a green Shipwreck, and a pseudo Heavy Artillery Snake Eyes (from an old school Toys “R” Us Exclusive set).

Mind.  Blown.

And hey…look at those last few pictures.  Looks like ole Gyre-Viper has something else in the wings for us.  And if it’s in that stage of completion, I’d say release is almost guaranteed.

Ohhhhh yeeeeeeaah.

It’s official.  This is the week of G.I. Joe.

14 thoughts on “As if the Dollar Store exclusives weren’t enough… VARIANTS?!?

  1. I’ m still totally cranky of any dollar store credit for a Hasbro release and by that I mean STOP! You are not getting a Joe for a dollar!
    If family dollar has Joes for a dollar I will actually eat one! they will Not! Dollar stores are real …. These are going to bargain…esqe
    corporate stores!…..I’m not tryin’ to be a prick, butcha aint gettin a dollar figure New from Hasbro.

  2. Interesting! I can see where they’re going with most of ’em, and Snake Eyes looks like he’s just…a cool repaint, I guess. Neat repaints, anyway. I thnk I’m only interested in SE, though.

  3. Some of these are nice, but I hope it doesn’t make the originals too hard to find… I like the first color schemes much better.

  4. I don’t think anybody expects those to cost a dollar, just that they may appear in discount Dollar Tree/Dollar General type stores. I haven’t seen anyone expect to get them for $1.

  5. Yeah, honestly the usual for figures like this at Dollar General and the like is 5 bucks, which is a steal nowadays.

  6. $6 at dollar general and family dollar…if thats where theyre headed.
    my main concern, even with 12 dollar generals between my house and work, is…regardless of how well/quickly they sell, i dont see much by way of restocking.

  7. a little coherent English goes a long way…you should try it sometime.

  8. Some of those are so gaudy, I love it.

    A few custom paint applications to the Commander and Trooper and Viola, perfection.

    In short, these look great and are totally unexpected, and welcome in my strange book.

  9. I think that this “budget” line of figures might get more of my dollars this summer than the movie line. I am going to try to get one of each of the unique characters, one each of the unique character variants, a few of the black trooper, and a few of the blue trooper.

    Does anyone know when these might start hitting US stores?

  10. The lack of paint really stands out on that blue Cobra Commander and Blue trooper compared to the black versions.

  11. Dammit Hasbro…You were so sweet during the 25th anniversary…But our relationship began to sour during “Rise of Cobra”…Then one day, you smack me with limited and regional POC and 30th distribution and say “Don’t make me do that again!”. You backhand me in the face with the awesome but hard to find 30th Storm Shadow and say I deserve it. You call me a whore and tell me to take the Retaliation figures with no articulation, battle stands or file cards, covered with shitty ninja symbols for $10 each like a whore. Your friends have no respect for me either, they steal my credit card number and make crazy charges and tell me it is my own fault for letting them have my credit card. The whole time you tell me it is my fault and that you hate me for making you do it.

    But then you come back, all like “baby, this time it will be different, I promise” with these cool dollar store figures…And I come back so you can abuse me again.

  12. Can’t see me paying a dollar for any of these, being in Europe. Just have to hope eBay scalpers aren’t thoroughly evil :(

  13. Lived a long life of UG Hip Hop……You couldn’t follow that? Hmmm

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