JoeDeClassified continues the barrage with the Mighty KWINN!

Yes, he is not a myth.  He is not a fairy tale.  Finally after almost 30 years, the engimatic Eskimo known only as Kwinn is finally on the precipice of release…and you can get your first look at in house pictures right now over on!

It seemed to take forever for Kwinn to finally get his plastic due in his most familiar jungle khaki look, but when he debuted a JoeCon last year it seemed to be worth the wait.  He was friggen perfect.  Then, suddenly he wasn’t.  Delays.  Nobody was entirely sure how or when the figure would see release.  There were rampant rumors of convention exclusives and even *gasp* cancellation.

Well, there is still no concrete word about the fate of Kwinn the Eskimo, but evidently the figure is in some stage of production, because Gyre-Viper has got some test shots, baby, and he’s posted them RIGHT HERE.  I am mirroring all of these images below because Kwinn deserves all the attention he gets.  A day like today I absolutely love the irony…on a day where we’re all waiting with baited breath to see the 21st Century iteration of G.I. Joe in trailer form, a dated 25 year old legend gets his time in the spotlight.

It is as it should be.  Hopefully we’ll all be able to get him at retail sooner rather than later, but until then, live vicariously through Gyre-Viper.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation footage from Entertainment Tonight

First of all, I apologize for the delay in getting this posted.  I am in Kansas City on business and every once in a while, the job’s gotta come first. ;)

Now that my belly is full and our corporate visions for the next year are decided, time for G.I. Joe!  The guys over at not only got screen grabs, but also uploaded the ET Footage to YouTube, and holy hell is it awesome.

We get Cobra Commander firing from some cool looking Cobra helicopter, we have Zartan wounding himself and healing (with trademark blue skin!!) and we have mutha fuggin HISS Tanks.  HISS.  TANKS.  Woah.  If I’m getting this geeked out over the footage from ET, how is the trailer going to hit me?  Anyway, check out the ET footage embedded below, courtesy of

G.I. Joe: Retaliation footage has aired on ET… and HISSTank has screen caps!

Curse me and my business trip taking me half way across the country with no access to my DVR! The Entertainment Tonight footage has aired, and has a bevy of new screen grabs from it!

Check them out right here.

Now I’m being dragged off to a business dinner, but I will be back to fully digest the ET footage and get roaring for the NEW TRAILER!

As if the Dollar Store exclusives weren’t enough… VARIANTS?!?

Oh boy.  Gyre-Viper took the world by storm last week when he broke the news about the Dollar Store exclusive figures with a great vintage aesthetic.  Well, he’s about the blow the doors off again on

Apparently these Dollar Store exclusive figures won’t just be appearing in one paint scheme…  check out this amazing new gallery below of fully repainted variant figures for the exclusive line!  We’ve got what almost looks like a T’Ginzu repaint Storm Shadow, a dark gray Duke, black Cobra Commander, comic deco Cobra Troopers, a green Shipwreck, and a pseudo Heavy Artillery Snake Eyes (from an old school Toys “R” Us Exclusive set).

Mind.  Blown.

And hey…look at those last few pictures.  Looks like ole Gyre-Viper has something else in the wings for us.  And if it’s in that stage of completion, I’d say release is almost guaranteed.

Ohhhhh yeeeeeeaah.

It’s official.  This is the week of G.I. Joe.

Entertainment Tonight to show G.I. Joe Retaliation footage tonight?

Now didn’t I tell you all that it would be a big week for G.I. Joe: Retaliation news?  ;)

I haven’t been able to dig up a specific source as of yet, but a fellow G.I. Joe fan who works within the television industry as I understand it, has revealed that Entertainment Tonight will be showing some unseen footage from G.I. Joe: Retaliation tonight in advance of the trailer.

I am working to confirm this information, but I wanted readers to make sure they turn on the TV tonight in time for ET.  More information as it develops.

Unfortunately I will be at a business dinner tonight, but I will be logging on very shortly after the footage launch to soak in the Retaliation greatness.  I can’t WAIT.

The Hollywood Reporter speaks to Jon Chu on G.I. Joe: Retaliation

As part of the press blitz over the next couple of days, we should be seeing more and more of these interviews posted.  The Hollywood Reporter’s blog site “Heat Vision” spoke with Jon Chu a bit about G.I. Joe: Retaliation and specifically about casting Bruce Willis and the process of reinventing the film property for the sequel.

A couple of very interesting insights to me.  First and foremost, the decision to re-cast much of the film:

THR: What prompted the decision to reboot the cast and everything? Was it really unavailability or was that a choice you and/ or the studio came to?

Chu: Part me, part not me. And by the time I came in they had a script already — but not fully there, and we added a lot of things. Like Joe Colton wasn’t in the movie. We added that and Roadblock and things like that that weren’t just in there yet, but we knew we wanted to create a different world. You can’t discount the first movie at all — it was a huge and people loved it — but for me what I love about Joe is that everybody has interpreted theirs different ways. The comic book interprets it in one way. Even in the cartoon series, they switched theme songs in the middle, and so everybody interprets it in a different way. So for me I was like, let’s jump to a different part of the Joe world. It’s the same world, but at a different point. So when I pitched it, that was the idea — let’s pay homage to the old stuff, but also do new stuff. G.I. Joe was ultimate mash-up before mash-up ever existed, so that’s perfect right now. And all the kids who don’t know anything about G.I. Joe, who only know Call of Duty, who stole all their stuff from G.I. Joe, let’s reclaim it and do it better.”

I cannot properly express how much I love the above paragraph.  To a lot of people, G.I. Joe = Call of Duty, and I really don’t think that’s accurate.  There is so much more to the G.I. Joe mythology than simple “dark and gritty military”.  It sounds to me, like Chu gets that.  He understands it.  The whole “mash-up” concept is brilliant.  Throughout the years there have been space properties, ninja properties, disguise properties, cops n robbers properties, etc…  over the past 30 years, G.I. Joe has been all of that.  It’s been outlandish super hero laser-fights, it’s been dark and realistic military, it’s been aliens and super-powered clones.  It does it all.  I think it really takes the right mindset to figure out how to tie that all in together.  Obviously we won’t know if Jon Chu has that mindset until somewhere on the night of June 29th, but the above paragraph is a great start.

Secondly, the following quote interested me as well:

THR: Do you fully address getting rid of the guys from the previous film at the beginning of the movie, or how does that sort of work?

Chu: Yes and no. We address a little bit, but also leave some of it up in the air. But in my mind the movie was never about them, the movie is about our characters that you introduced from the beginning. We wanted people to come into this movie, and if you haven’t seen the first movie, be totally okay, which is actually pretty tough, because Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are hard to explain to somebody who had never seen G.I. Joe. But we leave some of it open, so you’ll see.”

I think this is great, too.  It’s the whole “reboot without a reboot” process, which I’ve been clamoring for since day one with the film sequel.  They can build on what happened in the first film without being 110% accurate to it.  Just gloss over the stuff you don’t like, write off some of the weirdness, but don’t forget about it.  I think that concept works.  The idea that the fate of previous characters is left “in the air” is also good, too.  It would be tough to imagine a G.I. Joe without Duke and Scarlett, so now, even though they are expanding the film universe and moving on without those characters, that doesn’t mean they’re gone for good.

Check out the full interview on The Hollywood Reporter, and stick right here at GeneralsJoes for the next 48 hours of G.I. Joe assault.  Yo Joe!

Machinima Confirms – New G.I. Joe Retaliation Trailer coming April 24th!

And when they say April 24th, they mean April 24th on the dot, at least Pacific Time.

Machinima reports through their Twitter feed that as of midnight tonight, PST, they will launch a brand-spanking new G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer to the world!  Yes, boys and girls, that’s 3:00am Eastern.  And yes, boys and girls, GeneralsJoes will be online and ready!

Along with the trailer launch, you can expect some more intel and details in regards to the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and much of that intel is new information!  There could be spoilers about, but trust me when I say you want to get up bright and early to see how thoroughly GeneralsJoes is covering G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

I don’t want to put words in Gary’s virtual mouth either, but there is a possibility we’ll have a special edition podcast live as well.  We’ll have to see just how quickly it can be edited together.

Let the countdown begin… 10.5 hours and counting until new G.I. Joe: Retaliation footage appears via a new trailer on Machinima.  I can’t wait!

Flint passed over no longer! Final G.I. Joe Retaliation character poster revealed!

While Joe fans were loving all of the character posters we got last week, there was one prevailing thought…  “where the hell is Flint??”  Well, with big thanks to Jon Chu’s Twitter feed, that question as now been answered!  The Flint character poster was saved for last, and now has been unleashed on the web.

I have reposted the entire gallery below with every character poster we’ve gotten so far…and yes, I must own them ALL.

Don’t forget to follow Jon M Chu on Twitter for the latest and greatest G.I. Joe: Retaliation intel!

Flint is being played by DJ Cotrona, and the film launches June 29th, 2012!  Follow the latest and greatest G.I. Joe: Retaliation news right here on GeneralsJoes!

G.I. Joe Collectors Club debuts Convention Exclusive Schrage!

And the hits just keep on coming!  Hot on the heels of their stellar reveal of the 2012 Convention Exclusive Daina figure, we now have the reveal of the equally awesome Schrage!

With another awesome new headsculpt, nearly perfect parts choices, and a fantastic accessory compliment, we are getting yet another home run in what looks to potentially be a landmark convention set.

Another interesting thing to note…  I’m not sure how many other fans have been wondering, but I was kind of curious if the Club would be dipping their toes into the “dead Oktober Guard” waters considering their comic book mythology seems to walk in line with the Marvel Universe.  Daina is still alive in the Marvel mythology, but Schrage is not!  This confirms that those characters are not off the table to the Club and reinforces the thoughts that we may just get a full compliment of modern era Oktober Guard characters.

UPDATE – When I say “full compliment” I’m talking about the original 6 members (Brekhov, Stormavik, Schrage, Daina, Horror Show & Dragonsky) and not really considering guys like Gorky, Misha, or even Wong.  Looking at the reveal page for the Con exclusives you see 6 empty spots for the Russians, so that seems in line with their thinking as well.

BAD. ASS.  Check out for details, and take a peek at the mirrored image below.  Absolute perfection.

Facebook and SyFy team up for G.I. Joe themed Social Media game

Oh shoot.  As if Avengers Alliance hasn’t been consuming enough of my life over the past month or so, it looks like there will be another social media game to add to my repertoire.

Big thanks as usual go out to GeneralsJoes friend and geek media expert Brian Truitt from USA Today who dives into the story of SyFy and Facebook teaming up for a new social media G.I. Joe game entitled G.I. Joe: Special Ops.  Man, does this sound like it has some serious potential.

You can read the full story over at USA Today, but let me cover some of the high points here:

  • An arena based game in an enclosed battlefield where you pick a squad of Joes or Cobras to do battle with
  • Character choices include Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness, Snake Eyes, Flint, Duke, and Firefly
  • Designs for the characters will be pulled from all different era’s of G.I. Joe history, including a very Resolute themed Destro (ummm AWESOMMME).
  • Release will be timed for the June 29th launch of G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  • Lots of classic themes for the older fans, but some new twists for the younger set as well

What made me smile the most about this whole story was this quote involving some dialogue with Derryl DePriest:

“The first Joe member DePriest is enlisting on his Special Opsteam? Stalker.

“I haven’t made sure he’s there in the first set, but now that you mention it, I’ll walk over to the team and make sure he’s in there so I can play with him up front!” he says.”

So yeah, Stalker.  Holy crap, this sounds like it has some potential.  I can feel some real elements here from the very cool G.I. Joe: Renegades turn-based game that was launched on The Hub’s site so long ago, and this feels like elements from Final Fantasy Tactics as well, which is a game I absolutely loved.  This could be very cool, but very bad for my at-work productivity.

The guys behind Avengers Alliance better get those next 4 chapters finished and uploaded before June 29th, before my attention gets diverted!!  Huge props again to Brian Truitt at USA Today.  I’ve mirrored some concept art included in the article below, but definitely check out the article itself for the full details.