Dollar store exclusive G.I. Joe figures hit retail in the Philippines

Well look at that!  Over on Snakefox is reporting that he was able to score a case of the much sought after “Dollar Store” G.I. Joe figures at a local retailer in the  Philippines.

This is great news for Joe fans, as many of us have been drooling over these figures since they were first revealed just a week ago.  Snakefox reports that they are “3-4 dollars cheaper” than regular retail G.I. Joe figures.  Check out the discovery thread right here and look at the mirrored images below.

9 thoughts on “Dollar store exclusive G.I. Joe figures hit retail in the Philippines

  1. Dude…… Dollar stores are not Hasbro fodder. I’ve seen the limited articulation of the Marvel Line, $6 I think, and their smattering
    of Marvel over produced guys for $8. Hopefully we’ll see those joes for $6.
    I’ve got a real dollar store in my town. Best I’ve done is a two pack of 1:18 quads, chap mei dirt bikes, and spot on batman
    bootlegs. chinese junk can be priceless (as my dishes will attest to) BUT Hasbro aint sellin nuthin for a buck. The TJX companies clearence
    will do everyone better than Family Dollar.

  2. Oh, and continuing the discussion about budget Joes…………I saw the pegs at Target!
    $10.99 is laughable..If not truely insulting!..That RB with the molded gun hand is just….Ughhh!
    I Digress……………..

  3. Fantastic! Can’t wait for these. If these are cheap enough I may consider getting a few “Dukes” for the good standard parts.

  4. Just forget about the name, he can be Grunt or if you add a little epoxy sculpted-glasses, in can be a good Short Fuze too

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