Carded images of recently revealed “Dollar Store” G.I. Joe figures

Topping off the frenzy he started earlier this week with the revelation of the “Dollar Store” assortment of vintage themed figures, Gyre-Viper has now posted carded images for these figures!  Check them all out on

Don’t forget to hit up the DeClass thread right here as well for the initial reveal, as well as some additional intel I was able to gather about these figures right here.  If you want to stay right on top of all of these reveals, make sure you’re following Gyre-Viper on Twitter.

12 thoughts on “Carded images of recently revealed “Dollar Store” G.I. Joe figures

  1. its bionic shippy…..with sub-marine inspired periscope technology!

    looks like his head isnt popped down….at all.

  2. The packaging is great! This is such a cool idea; i’ll be getting all of these. Only thing is…well, Duke? Really? They keep using the same mug for Duke, or at least molding another head to look like the same mug, and then they randomly choose Dusty and call ’em Duke? Not like it matters, ’cause the figure is awesome and I may get a couple for parts…but still. How strange.

  3. I, like many of you, am extremely interested in these figs yet baffled at the same time. Maybe it’s brilliant market research. Perhaps they are trying to figure out what will sell better, a less painted more articulated fig or a more painted less articulated fig.

  4. Thank you, Alexx! I’ve been trying to place where I’d seen that head before ever since the pictures were posted. I’m definitely going to get one, but not to use as Duke. The outfit, M-16 accessory, and headsculpt scream Grunt to me. I really like the rest of them, as well.

  5. I wonder what the price point will be on these? I can’t imagine they will only be a buck. Hasbro couldn’t get the price that low.

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