Woah…Amazon exclusive G.I. Joe: Renegades 4-Pack on the way??

Someone out there has passed along some very interesting images of what looks to be a potential G.I. Joe: Renegades themed 4-Pack as an Amazon.com exclusive.  This surprising and somewhat mind-blowing set doesn’t feature any new characters (beyond the Red Ninja) and the look of the characters on the box is remarkably similar to what we’ve seen already.

But here’s a question… considering that G.I. Joe: Renegades was initially being designed as an animated style figure line, is it possible some of that defunct tooling could find their way into this set?  I don’t know.  Maybe I’m looking too deeply into it, but it seems weird to me that they would release a 4-Pack with mostly the same figures that we’ve seen at mass retail already.  Some previously unused tooling would make this set a LOT more desirable, I think.

I guess time will tell.  Until we get more details, check out the terrific looking box art below.  Can’t wait to see some images of the figures!!

UPDATE – Now that my little Renegades geek heart has slowed down a little bit…  there are some indications here that these could in fact be new figures of some sort.  Looking at the arms for Storm Shadow and Red Ninja, they look completely different than what we saw in the 30th Anniversary version.  Also, with Snake Eyes jumping around in a trench coat, could we see a coated version of Snake Eyes in this set?

The possibilities are very exciting.

9 thoughts on “Woah…Amazon exclusive G.I. Joe: Renegades 4-Pack on the way??

  1. This is Hasbro we’re talking about here. when i see new tooling in a box-set (of already existing figures), ill believe it…….and maybe even buy it. (though i hate buying product online when i cant see the paint apps and pick my own)
    also have the feeling that the duke will be a total write-off…he’ll be the exact same figure my toys r us has 8 of right now. so, right off the bat, its a 3pk.

  2. Sorry, Justin, but using slightly different art probably doesn’t save this from being straight re-issues.

    On the other hand, if Storm Shadow and Red Ninja are based on Renegades SS and have the same accessories, it’s not as worthless as the Retaliation 4-pack. Heck, I never bothered to buy Renegades Duke (that thing’s going to be in clearance stores within a couple of months), so if this has a reasonable price I might grab it. It’s certainly the 4-pack with more potential.

  3. Well I hope Storm Shadow is a straight repack of Renegades SS, because I still haven’t found one.

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  5. I almost had a heart attack when I saw this post. I had images of Roadblock and the Baroness. Oh, well. I hope the figs are a little different. The box art looks great though.

  6. I’d buy that set just for Storm Shadow and the Red Ninja. Heck, it’s even a great set just for custom fodder if the figures are the same as the carded releases (minus Red Ninja).

    I highly doubt we’d see any new tooling for these. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the ninja both used POC Jungle Duke arms, the artwork even resembles the gloves.

  7. I’m eagerly awaiting pics of the figs. I would preview that that the SS is a straight repack, or at least has the extra joints in his hands, But they do look like POC Duke arms in the card art.

    I’m hoping for soft goods on that Trench Coat I already have an SS with a fury coat on myshelf, but would love some more of the same for others.

    I’m wondering why Hasbro didn’t show this stuff off at toyfair, Seems like there are lots of suprises over the last few days, that may at the least cushioned the negative impact of the reduced articulation in the main movie line.

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