Some mysterious G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures still to come?

Wait, what?

Over on JoeDeclassified, Gyre-Viper has blown the lid off of some potential upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures!  But these aren’t your typical Retaliation figures, boys and girls…these have a very strong vintage feel and some awesome looking old school deco’s!  Are these some sort of exclusive?  Just some random love letter to the fans?

I’m not sure, but whatever they are, they are incredible.

Some of the images are mirrored below, but you absolutely must hit up to see the full details and all of these incredible images.


25 thoughts on “Some mysterious G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures still to come?

  1. That all-black trooper looks awesome! Props to the NF Stormy, ’91 SE, and DDP Shipwreck!

  2. They appear to come with minimal gear AND battle stands, and the card art does not mention “Retaliation” on the front at all. Logo is from POC, it seems. Maybe these are a lower price-point figure–they do appear to have a lot of re-used components.

  3. These are just customs or something like that, right? Please, stop fooling around with our feelings, Hasbro!

  4. Sweet hash and flap jacks I want them all! FYI we saw that Snake Eyes head a year or so ago when we saw that gaggle of head prototypes. The Storm Shadow is long time coming.

  5. Makes no sense, since these figures have full articulation, and Hasbro blamed articulation assembling for cost increas?ement, and cut some PoAs on Retaliation figs. How could (theoretically) expensiver figures be directed to low price market?

  6. While he is likely Grunt, he might just be a generic Joe Trooper. Look at it this way, kids watching the movie will think Stormshadow is a Cobra so even though this is Ninja Force Stormy, who was a Joe, he will be marketed as a Cobra giving an equal footing for both sides in this 6-figure assortment (assuming that this is the entire assortment). Joes would have Snake Eyes, Shipwreck and an armybuildable Trooper and Cobra would have Cobra Com mander, Stormshadow and an armybuildable Trooper (yes, you and I know it’s an officer, but the kiddies won’t). Just my quess, not based on any “inside info” ;)

  7. WANT ALL. Because I need nostalgia, I guess! Can’t have enough Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow! No idea why I’m so excited for these. Perhaps it’s ’cause they never seem to pay attention to the 90’s? It’s nice to see some attention there!

  8. 8-O V4 Snake Eyes was my first Snake Eyes so I have some affection for that figure. I’ve considered making my own for a while so this will just save me a lot of work. I hope these are easy to get a hold of.

  9. Exactly what I was thinking.
    I’m feeling like were were getting bs-ed on those Retaliation vehicle drivers, because by the “logic” they used…..these figures shouldn’t be viable. Are the licensing fees to Paramount that much??

    What are these going to retail for?
    $3? $4? Certainly not $5. I’d be astonished if they ring up at $1 or $2 each.
    They’ll probably sell through really well, while Retaliation product is going to sour on the shelves.

  10. I’m not normally a dollar store shopper, but I might have to make an exception for the Shipwreck and the Cobra Trooper. Those two figures are instantly at the top of my list, just below the Jinxes.

  11. I think Shipwreck looks fantastic. He is awesome in his simplicity like Renegades Scarlett.

  12. That POC snake eyes is just good for everything you do on it! But are these for real? I really am looking forward for Duke, since I need the head for a custom.

  13. you don’t understand that the tooling for these figures is already done. most of the cost of a figure is tooling. When hasbro’s tooling a NEW figure, it costs a lot to add more articulation. If a figure is already tooled, it might cost more to produce than a less articulated re-mold figure, but the cost is still WAYYY below tooling a totally new figure…you’re talking about molding a figure (pouring plastic into already tooled molds), hasbro was talking about tooling a new figures (sculpting, tooling the molds, and then pouring plastic). obviously tooling a less articulated figure is costlier than re-releasing a previously tooled but more articulated figure. the tooling is the costly part.

  14. sorry, but just to add a clarification: the articulation assembly costs might put a project overboard if you’re tooling a totally new figure, but those same assembly costs don’t push a figure over the edge in terms of costs because you’ve removed the entire tooling aspect of the cost.

  15. This doesn’t jive well with the choices they made with Retaliation though, why not use already tooled parts with articulation to cut price?

    There’s something fishy about this, and that’s what I’ve been saying all along. The reason for less articulation on the figures for Retaliation is baffling at best.

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