Mike Thompson breaks his G.I. Joe silence with some more RoC art!

Every Joe fan’s favorite package artist Mike Thompson had a stretch where he was posting several awesome pieces of his Joe art on an almost weekly basis.  Working as a package artist through the Rise of Cobra and into the Pursuit of Cobra era, Mike’s excellent blog, Mike T Artworks showcased his excellent renditions of characters like Spirit, City Strike Scarlett, and Whiteout.

He’s taken a break from posting G.I. Joe related art, most likely because he’s either shown most of it already, or is still waiting for them to be cleared by Hasbro to post…but today that changed!  During our interview of Mike Thompson on the What’s on Joe Mind podcast we were lucky enough to see some of his other pieces, and now he has posted them via his Twitter page.

These head shots were to be used on some canceled Wal-Mart 2-Packs featuring Nano-B.A.T., Zap, Budo, and Dr. Mindbender.  Check out these excellent images below.  Also make sure you keep your eyes on MikeTArtworks.com which is his main site featuring some fantastic work that he’s done over the years.  He has some amazing talent, even if you’re checking out some non-G.I. Joe work, I think you’ll appreciate what he does.  He’s obviously a geek at heart!

To hear straight from the source about the process for producing this incredible artwork, hit up the embedded player below to listen to our interview with Mr. Thompson.  It’s enlightening to say the least!

8 thoughts on “Mike Thompson breaks his G.I. Joe silence with some more RoC art!

  1. I never even saw the two packs, it was distrubation that really killed those! I really would have liked that Zap and Bat pack at the very least. The budo and mindbender pack really interests me too.

  2. mustve had my head turned when those were announced….and canceled.

  3. Oh man, if only the Retaliation packaging wasn’t cheap crap. I swear, I will be buying far less because the packaging is so horrible. We need character art! It’s part of what makes it GI Joe!!! Just look at this beautiful artwork!

  4. Those are all winners in my mind. And the date that Nano-BATs first were found way predates that PoC logo. Nano-BAT has to have been canceled twice. It is stuff like this that makes me want to see the FSS be a huge success. We need those outlets for figures that lose their place at retail….or at least the COOL figures that lose their place at retail.

  5. Was this the wave 2 from the Night Creeper/ Night Force Shock Wave, NF TR/MonkeyWrench, & GH/CopprHead?

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