RUMOR ALERT – Early screening of G.I. Joe: Retaliation yields potential review?

Okay, take this with a watermelon-sized grain of salt…  but movie site Nuke The Fridge has received a message from someone who reports that they saw an early screening of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and they provided a very positive early review of the film.

This review involves a few spoilers, so I will post the review itself after the jump.

As for the validity of this?  Well, normally I wouldn’t put much stock in it, especially considering the fact that the “spoilers” the reviewer reveals are mostly things that could be ascertained from the trailers, and if they’re not, they good just be their own hypothesis based on what we know so far.  But combine this report with the rumors that two endings are being screened and it gets just a bit more credible.

Then there’s John Chu’s mysterious Tweet that came through over night as this news was breaking.  Yes, it’s practically nothing, but he posted a Tweet that simply said “Soooo0….”.  On it’s own, this is totally innocuous, but combined with all of these early screening rumors…I don’t know.  Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but seems like there could be some meat there.

Now there are also some reasons to be very dubious of this.  Even though the news is just “getting out there” now, this review was posted on Nuke The Fridge on April 6th.  Jon Chu has Tweeted on April 11th that he is still “making important editing decisions” and he Tweeted on April 10th that he was working with Jackman on the score.  So obviously the film isn’t yet in a finished state.  I know these early screenings are often done with unfinished films, so perhaps that is meaningless, but something to think about at any rate.

Of course it could also be that Chu is making some changes based on reactions they got at the screening…anyway, take it all for what it’s worth, and check out the review text itself after the jump.

From Nuke The Fridge:

Hello Nuke the Fridge I am a BIG fan of your site and have the following review for you guys… Hope you like it!

“G.I. Joe: Retaliation” is perfect for fans that wanted a more serious tone than the last outing.

The film included lots of ninja action, (although they are far from “silent” about it), which fans of the major story arc between Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Zartan from the Marvel comics will be thrilled with. Plenty of fan favorite characters like Firefly get plenty of screen time and a few new surprises, and Cobra Commander dons his familiar reflective mask. The villainy is far more straight forward, and some of it, such as Zartan, disguised as the POTUS, is surprisingly humorous, and may have some people actually cheering for his policies. A very worthy addition to this franchise.

One thing….  I miss Scarlett.

Another thing…. I  loved that Sake Eyes and Storm Shadow joined forces against  Zartan!

Bring on “G.I. Joe 3!”

UPDATE: To answer some people’s questions Duke dies behind a Humvee that explodes.

If you use this review call me “The Razar.”

11 thoughts on “RUMOR ALERT – Early screening of G.I. Joe: Retaliation yields potential review?

  1. killing duke is stupid, almost makes me NOT want to see the movie. Hate the actor, okay, but not the character

  2. I agree that I believe killing the character off will be a mistake Hasbro will eventually regret, especially if they’re looking to revitalize the brand with the movie universe.

  3. I have but 1 problem with Killing Duke, and that is that it will lead marketing idiots to wonder if he’s right for a cartoon character anymore, further jeopardizing my fleeting hopes for the continuation of “Renegades.”

  4. I swear to God if Duke Dies. Im done. I don’t care if people hate tatum or not Killing Duke is a No No. fuck I grown to like tatum Haywire, The Vow(My fiance took me, Women) and 21 Jump Street which he was fucking hilarious.

  5. the franchise has existed both before and essentially after Duke already. I agree with Todd though, movie Duke was bad, but Duke has proven so useful as a toon leader, it’s going to be hard for anyone else to fill his shoes. I don’t think Roadblock or Se can really pull of the leader role long-term, Flint? sure But Hasbro doesn’t seem to want to go that way.

  6. yeah ero, but even past that, they decided to bring more Duke toys into the picture, apparently he is popular. If they had done it in the 87 movie, they may have regretted it.

  7. I agree that killing Duke is stupid, but it won’t drive me away on its own. But I would have been much happier if he just wasn’t in it.

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