IDW Publishing to “streamline” their G.I. Joe comic releases?

With C2E2 almost in full swing, some information is coming out of Chicago a little early.  Sources tell me that IDW may make an announcement this weekend that they are “streamlining” their G.I. Joe comic releases.

What exactly does “streamlining” mean?  At this point your guess is as good as mine.  I’m not sure if it means some titles are getting cancelled, but the word sounds somewhat ominous, especially considering how awesome the IDW comic universe has been in recent months.

I would imagine more information will come out of C2E2 itself, but a bit of a scary start to the event, at least for G.I. Joe comic fans.  Stay tuned for the latest news and information as it comes!

EDIT – More information has emerged, from the Twitter account ComixAce.  She Tweets the following:

“GI Joe, Magic, D&D and NInja Turtles will all be trimmed a bit – to ONE ongoing and the occasional mini, not more than one at a time. “

Ummm…  shit.

18 thoughts on “IDW Publishing to “streamline” their G.I. Joe comic releases?

  1. I don’t know exactly why, but I kind of felt this coming. I am not Crystal Ball or anything, but the ending of Cobra # 12 left me feeling that there was an end coming. Listening to Robert Atkins talk (or not talk about) the upcoming Snake Eyes/ Storm Shadow comic on the recent WOJM episode added to that feeling.

    With the changes in the structure and status of Cobra and the downsizing of the G. I. Joe team, it makes since that there would be new #1s all around. I am saddened that I means reduced titles, but maybe we can look forward to improved quality (not that the quality of what we have been getting was bad in any way). Maybe instead of 3-4 good books, we will get 1-2 great books each month. Still I will miss getting a G. I. Joe comic each week.

    Quick question – does this mean that G. I. Joe: ARAH is going away? I can understand reducing the IDW G. I. Joe Universe books, but I would hate to see the Marvel-continued Universe lost to cutbacks.

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  3. As someone with vague but persistent plans to eventually read all the IDW Joe stuff, I will be interested to hear whether they will at least provide closure in each series before stopping it.

  4. I’m okay with just one Joe title a month. Four a month (including ARAH) has been fun but it seemed like they hit the saturation point with the Cobra Command storyline. Now that that is winding down I don’t really see a need for more than one book. They have established the universe and now they can get down to the Joe vs. Cobra stories we all want to see.

    I will say I’ll miss the Cobra book though. That one hit on all cylinders even when in the middle of a crossover. This week’s issue, if it is the last, was a great send off for the book.

  5. Also seems liek a really strange time to make this decision… one would think they would wait a few more months and see how the movie does first. Otherwise they could be stuck in the situation where the movie does decent business and they don’t have the merchandise to support it properly.

  6. I just checked Comixology. They have listing with cover art until the end of June for all current G. I. Joe titles. Hopefully, we will get those books and a few more.

  7. Really even though he knows nothing about the military and his characterization of some of his own characters doesn’t make sense….? E-6 to O-6… not ever possible… Dixon has made a ton of errors and bad choices though out his career writing Joe… most of them I have been able to accept but this one combined with his other mis-haps have caused me to take The Joe main book written by him off my subscription service…

  8. Your welcome to your opinion, but the E-6 to O-6 (as unrealistic as it is) is hardly something that bothers me. Frankly I found the Hama serious to be unreadable and pretty much just look at the art. And I don;t love Costa’s writing as much as most. In fact, I didn’t like Cobra #12 at all. I’m not saying Dixon has been perfect for me (I didn’t like the Destro smoke monster thing) but I have enjoyed the main title more then the others.

  9. I have no problem with this. I’ll be honest – I can barely stand IDW’s G.I. Joe Universe. The only comic I enjoy reading is ARAH. If that one gets axed I’m done with IDW.

  10. No need to panic folks. I got clarification from John Barber. No titles being pared back. It just meant they are aware the impact of having multiple titles from one “line” (i.e. Joe, TMNT, Avengers, X-Men) has on the market and how confusing it is. So going forward they will handle it better and keep that in mind. Make it easier on retailers. They were surprised the comments got misinterpreted. Can read John’s quote here:

  11. Your comment sounds logically to me poddie. Hopefully they keep it in mind. Sounds like with new information that these reports. I understand only having one Joe title and one other rotating mini or something. But if they can support it so far, the new movie just might bring in new numbers.

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