New G.I. Joe: Retaliation image creates more questions about Storm Shadow

All right!  Sure, I would much prefer some more footage these days, but I’ll take another press image as well, especially when it’s a very cool action shot of the one and only Storm Shadow!

Seen below in a strange white uniform (obviously reminiscent of previous images of him and what looks like Cobra Commander emerging from a laboratory) the Cobra Ninja is evidently overpowering a guard and preparing for his escape.

Escape from what?  That’s the question.  It would certainly appear that perhaps his body was retrieved by someone and kept in some sort of stasis, allowing him to survive…but how does that jive with Cobra Commander and the word that this Commander is a totally new character than what we saw in Rise of Cobra?

Verrrry interesting.  Cannot WAIT to find out all the answers June 29th!  Check out the mirrored image below and a big thanks to Twitter follower toycollector962 for the information.

Image courtesy of the Daily Blam.

4 thoughts on “New G.I. Joe: Retaliation image creates more questions about Storm Shadow

  1. This information isn’t that new to me. I noticed on the trailers that Storm Shadow’s outfit is identical to what we suppose is the commander’s from the waist down.

  2. I’ve just been re-reading the marvel series. Many of the Storm Shadow scenes in the trailer seem very similar to the arc where Serpentor was created. Plus, Storm Shadow was “killed” prior to that. He awoke while he was being used as a compnent of Serpentor’s DNA (In the trailer he’s seen opening his eyes under water), He fights his way out (In the trailer and this pic he’s seen in a lab with giant tubes containing bodies fighting what are presumably Cobra troopers). I’m not saying I know anyhting more than anyone else, it just seems very coincidental.

  3. Maybe Dr. Mindbender and Cobra Commander decided to make clones before the Rise of Cobra. Maybe that is why we don’t see Mindbender. He was in a top secret Cobra lab creating…Cobra Commander clones…

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