G.I. Joe: Retaliation early sample-palooza with G.I. Joe and Cobra Troopers

As we discussed a short while ago, eBay has started brimming with early samples of the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures, and now some folks stateside are starting to get these samples in hand.  The result is some very cool and detailed images showcasing some neat aspects we may not have seen before.

First, over at Carded Heroes, Jay takes a good look at the upcoming G.I. Joe Trooper.  I’ve mirrored just a few images below, but you should definitely go to the source, as there are a ton of images there.

These pictures only serve to further infatuate me with this new Joe Trooper.  The accessories are amazing, and I love the fact that you can put pretty much all of his weapons on the figure itself.  Such a bad ass looking troop builder.

Next, on the ToyVerse, Troynos has turned his camera towards the Cobra Trooper, revealing some more great details there, too.  I love the consistency between this figure and the Retaliation Storm Shadow.  They look very similar (though I don’t think they use the same tooling).  Again, I mirrored a few images below, but many more are available directly at the ToyVerse.

Looks like things will be heating up over the next 6 – 8 weeks leading up the G.I. Joe: Retaliations mass release at retail.  Looking forward to it!

14 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Retaliation early sample-palooza with G.I. Joe and Cobra Troopers

  1. No ankle articulation… I can see this line in the bargain bin already… Oh well, at least we got Airtight & Lifeline, it was beautiful while it lasted

  2. So the Cobra Troopers run around in parachutes (shades of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes), and the Joe Troops are 50-something ex-punk rockers.

    Yep, the nation is safe.

  3. Love the William H. Macy headsculpt on the Joe trooper and that he alone seems to be maintaining a Poc/30th level of articulation and (non-missile-firing) accessories, but that helmet looks stupid and worse, so do his baggy, rolled-down-to-the-ankles trousers.

  4. The Joe trooper is awesome. Unfortunately I don’t think the Cobra trooper has any ankle articulation at all. I really like both sculpts but it is just weird you would have two troopers together and one doesn’t even have ankle articulation.

  5. I think Cobra Trooper HAS the ankle articulation. If you look carefully on pic 3, you can see a blue strip, where his foot joins his leg…looks like a part of footpiece that remains unpainted.

    These two, plus Storm Shadow, are the must have of this line.

  6. I’m really liking that Joe trooper, though. I plan on using him already as a merc hired by the Steel Brigade…

  7. If you follow the Cobra Trooper link it specifically says:

    “The only thing he’s really missing is the ankle and SE wrists. He still has knee, waist, shoulder, neck, elbow and standard wrist. The poseability is not limited. Can still do alot with the figure.”

    I kept thinking it looked like it had ankles in the photos. But this crushes my hopes I’m afraid. I just wish Hasbro would give us a list and admit which ones they’ve gimped. Ankles are a must-have for me. Double knees I could sacrifice.

  8. The Joe Trooper’s great, but I’m not feeling the Cobra trooper. I just don’t like that specific shade of blue plastic used on the helmet and webgear – it’s about two increments too bright.

    I hope that a couple of the blank spots in the line (the Jinx / Blind Master wave) are filled up with some more movie-like Cobra Troopers.

    I’ll grab a few Joe Troopers, but for me the movie stuff is all about the later waves. Which is worrying if the earlier stuff starts pegwarming.

  9. I agree with you regarding the double knee and the ankles. A figure needs to have at least basic ankle articulation.

  10. I’m just not digging the head sculpt for the GI Joe trooper. I like it with the Halo type helmet and will be getting a few of those for army building but the actual head sculpt is terrible. As for the Cobra Trooper, I do think he’s a little to bright but I also thought he’d be able to were the harness without have the parachute attached but that doesn’t really seem to be the case. I mean, he can but then he has the risers just standing up there looking dumb. Storm Shadow looks awesome. Duke, man, they must really hate Duke because his figure is terrible. I know it sounds like a lot of complaints but I am still very much excited about the line. Can’t wait to start finding them in the stores. I’d love for this to be a success so Hasbro would extend and broaden the line.

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