Fascinating behind the scenes look at IDW’s G.I. Joe: Cobra

Loikamania is a mostly comic-based podcast, which occasionally drifts over into wrestling talk, but comic professionals make regular appearances throughout podcast episodes.  Special attention from G.I. Joe fans should be paid to Episode 81, which was actually released a couple of weeks ago.

In Episode 81, Pat Loika brings in Christos Gage and Mike Costa and does a blow-by-blow “writer’s commentary” of G.I. Joe: Cobra Volume 1.  The two writers of the series talk about the evolution of the best G.I. Joe book on shelves today and offer some great behind the scenes intel and conversation about the book.

Very cool stuff.  Check out Episode 81 of Loikamania right here!

2 thoughts on “Fascinating behind the scenes look at IDW’s G.I. Joe: Cobra

  1. I loved the Cobra series 1 and the mini’s. I love the Extensive Enterprises motto, ARE WE NOT DRAWN ONWARD TO NEW ERA, it is the same forward and backward. I don’t know how to feel that so much of is was random and unplanned…

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