G.I. Joe: Retaliation test shot images reveal nice new details on eBay

The figure releases must be getting close, as a few eBay auctions have appeared for test shots of G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures.  Most of the images are pretty vanilla, but there is a very cool shot of the G.I. Joe Trooper’s backpack which shows several awesome holsters and a nice spot for a trenching tool.

At this point the auctions have ended, but thanks to HissTank.com for linking the auctions (and images) and you can see the mirrored images below.

9 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Retaliation test shot images reveal nice new details on eBay

  1. I’m interesting to see what BBTS (and others) do with the pricing on this first wave, because for me it’s very much a case of only going for the army-builders. But since I seriously doubt we’re going to see a balanced case assortment, this could be problematic price-wise.

    I *like* SS and SE as toys, but I don’t feel any urge whatsoever to own them.

  2. Still good lookin’ stuff! Very much excited for Halo-Fan trooper ’cause he looks like he comes with a fantastic bunch of stuff that could be used all over. My favorite pic is Storm Shadow holdhing his swords: “Me hold swords like this? WHO FIGHT NINJA NOW?!”

  3. Loving the Joe Trooper and Storm Shadow, and strongly liking Snake Eyes. Cobra Trooper is too fugly for my tastes, just doesn’t look right and just can’t compete with the perfect PoC/30th ones or the pretty awesome Renegades version.

    From all I’ve seen this first wave will be pretty sweet. The following waves look way less interesting to me with some really odd sculpts* (bobble head Flint anyone?) which I guess is the exact reverse of what RoC was.

    I’ve already pre-ordered 2 cases of wave 1 from my comicshop, final price be damned.

    *well except for that Black Dragon figure….I will be buying many, MANY Black Dragon figures.

  4. The rear shot of the Joe trooper almost makes it look like he has ankle articulation. What do you guys think?

  5. Trying to decide if I liked the blue cape/gas mask on the trooper or the new tan/yellow combo.

    And that neon shovel just screams ‘shoot here’. Love it anyways. Going to use unmasked head for a swap-out on my POC Beachhead

  6. Oh yeah, there’s ankle articulation. You could tell from the prototype shots we saw first. There was a peg on the ankle; the joint is hidden by the fold of the pants on the bottom (at least from the front).

  7. If that is the case then this figure is a must have for me. The sculpt is very cool and I hope he can hold his guns well. Now if CC and Zartan have ankle POA then I will be in heaven regardless of how I feel about the crappy packaging.

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