What’s on Joe Mind Episode 45 featuring GI Joe: Initiate and Buzz Dixon is online!

Yes, it went up a little late, but those cross-Atlantic plane trips will do that to ya!  Recently returned from a whirlwind voyage to Southampton for Roll Out Roll Call 3, Gary has posted Episode 45 of What’s on Joe Mind for your Thursday morning listening enjoyment!  In this episode we interview Frederic Doss, the only man known to have been killed by both Cobra and the Decepticons on the big screen (yes, he was victimized in both G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and the first Michael Bay Transformers film), and a key mastermind behind the development of upcoming fanfilm, G.I. Joe: Initiate.

We’re also joined by a very special guest, Will Bell, recently returned from Afghanistan, who spends some time with us, just shooting the breeze about G.I. Joe.  As if that wasn’t enough, an informative interview with Buzz Dixon rounds out this action packed episode.

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Show Notes

WOW! Episode 45 is here! Better late than never, right? So yeah, its a week late, but we gave ya over 3 hours of RORC3 coverage, so that made up for something didn’t it? Apologies in advance. With travel and all, it made it difficult getting this out in a timely manner. We’ll make it up to you, trust us! In this episode we are joined by TWO very special guests. First, just joining us as a guest host and hanging out is US Marine, fan of the show and a REAL American Hero, Will Bell (no relation to Justin). Siting in the interview chair this week is Frederic Doss to talk to us about his upcoming fanfilm GI Joe: Initiate and his roles in BOTH the live action Joe and Transformer films. From the mailbag, Chuck is asked about the obscure South African wrestler Col. DeBeers joining the ranks of Cobra, Gary is asked why he hates Transformers so much, and was there ever a time anyone on the cast has ever lost interest in Joe and *gasp* STOPPED collecting. In the news, Hasbro responds to the latest issues with Fun Pub and the guys celebrate the conclusion of a long running show joke. Also covered in the news is the lack of new Joe broadcasting on the hub and a mystery Joe wave was found in the WalMart computers that has the look of being cancelled. After the break you will hear a pre-recorded interview with Sunbow writer Buzz Dixon as we talk to him about the toon and find out some stuff about the most dangerous man in the world AND what would have happened to Cobra Commander in season 3 if the series didn’t get lost to DIC. We thank Will for joining us and wish him continued success in his rehab and thank him for her service to our country. If you agree, kindly drop a comment in on this episode to let Will know how much you appreciate him as well!!

Frederic Doss from G.I. Joe: Initiate

Buzz Dixon

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2 thoughts on “What’s on Joe Mind Episode 45 featuring GI Joe: Initiate and Buzz Dixon is online!

  1. Fantastic interview with Buzz Dixon. I would LOVE to see him and Flint Dille etc revisit the Sunbow universe for a direct to DVD animation. DC & Marvel keep doing the direct DVDs, no reason Hasbro can’t do more like Resolute!

    At the very least an IDW special written by Flint & Buzz would be fun. Would love to see the rumoured season 3 Coil/Crimson Twins and the most dangerous man in the world storylines in some format one day. Also was always curious to know how they would have handled Cobra Commander’s snake transformation as opposed to the horrible Operation Dragonfire.

    And finally, I must say that as a die-hard Joe fan of EVERYTHING since straight-arm Grunt, I actually like the cartoon movie – when that came out it destroyed everything my 8 year old brain thought it knew about GI JOE and flipped it into something insane. For the cartoon universe I thought it actually worked really well and taught me that everything in life is not always how it seems. Something changed in me the day I saw Cobra Commander mutate and it’s never been the same since…for the best haha.

    Cheers to another great episode you guys, Yo Joe!


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