Sideshow Collectibles Snake Eyes v2 Gallery and Pre-Order Info

We were one of the sites last week to break the news that Sideshow Collectibles was on the verge of announcing the pre-order for a new version of the venerable G.I. Joe commando ninja Snake Eyes!  Well, the figure will be up for pre-order on March 15th (that’s Thursday), and Sideshow has posted the full gallery today!

This figure carries a hefty price tag, but comes with a ton of accessories as well as a fully articulated Timber.  That’s right…  Fully.  Articulated.  Timber.

Hell, the Sideshow Exclusive even has a swappable portrait for the wolf.  Impressive, most impressive!

I’ve mirrored just a few images below, but the full blown gallery can be seen at Sideshow Collectibles, and keep your eyes peeled here on GeneralsJoes for when the pre-order goes live!

  • Chris

    Don’t mind me. I’m just over here peeing myself with glee over this figure.

  • TheSnackist

    Timber=cool. Snake Eyes? Eh. Not that cool, really. Goggles face looks really “scrunched”, the visor looks rubbery, and the clothing and gear is just eh. Not so cool in my eyes.

    Then again, I dislike the 12″ format. But I digress.

  • Joe

    Wow .. isnt me or does his head seem too large, and his arms disproportionately long?

  • LBAM

    I have to admit, even as a fan of the 12″ Sideshow figs, this might be a bit spendy for me. Then again…I’ll probably get it. Because I’m dumb.

  • Josh

    I apologize for being one of those negative fanboys, but this figure doesn’t do a thing for me, and certainly not at the price! The teaser shot was cool…the full reveal is less impressive. The colors don’t really match, do they? I already have a fully articulated Timber from Sigma Six! If you like this guy, I’m not trying to pee in your cheerios, but like a lot of Sideshow product I just don’t see the value…looks too generic. Nothing screams Snake Eyes about the toy to me except the alternate head and that looks really out of place on the body.

  • Anonymous

    I love what Sideshow has accomplished with the GI Joe in a 12″ format. The sculpting of the character’s faces, the details put into the accessories and the many many nods to fans. That being said, to me this is THE worst figure they’ve put out. The first Snake Eyes will always stand out to me (mainly because I came down with severe near death food poisoning within 30 minutes of opening him the day he came in the mail) because it was a pretty solid entry for their then new line. The head and neck could have been a little better as well as a different body type. But all in all, it really wasn’t a bad figure. This new version, to me, is absolutely awful. I think it’s the combination of the shrunken head look with too small goggles and the awkward looking jacket. It really throws the entire figure off balance. I hope that there is still time for Sideshow to go back and redesign the head sculpt and possibly the jacket… but it all depends on how far into the production process they are and how loud the fan outcry is.

    Maybe I’m in the minority on this, but I just can’t bring myself to get behind it. I have the full line of Sideshow’s GI Joe and this will probably be the first one I do not pick up unless some drastic changes are made.

  • Neon Viper

    I’m so glad i don’t buy Sideshow… Hot Toys, Toys City, Soldier Story & Crazy Dummy have much, much better figures than these

  • Monte

    Cobra Commander’s still the only SideJoe figure I like.

  • Alexx

    So this is what it looks like to go commando!

    This one reminds me of the old 12 inch based on the 90’s SE with the silver mask and BRIGHT orange weapons. Except, you know…ridiculously cooler. Maybe one day I’ll get one of these, and then I can do an Alexx Short reviewing his foot or something, because I totally don’t have the space for a large figure.