G.I. Joe’s connection to Cthulu unveils in Infestation 2 Preview at i09.com

While I was hoping to see the next installment of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Prequel next week, it looks like that might have to wait a bit.  Instead we get G.I. Joe’s installment of Infestation 2 featuring…  Cthulu?!

I’ll be honest…I’ve never quite understood so many folks’ fascination with Lovecraft and Cthulu, but I can appreciate the supernatural elements that make up that world.  It’s probably very similar to the whole zombie fascination that I’m only slightly more familiar with.  Last year with Infestation, the big question was how do you make a zombie storyline work for G.I. Joe?  And I think IDW did a pretty decent job.

Now comes Cthulu…and judging by this quick preview, IDW is taking an interesting approach.  For a lover of obscure characters like myself, this approach is made even more awesome by the evident focus of the story on what looks to be a Cobra Insane Asylum, featuring everyone’s favorite whacked out characters like Raptor, Cesspool, and…  GRISTLE?!?  Freaking GRISTLE??!??  Nice!

Color me impressed to see the writers diving deep into the obscure depths.  Now in a few days we’ll see what they do with it.  Check out the 5-Page Preview at i09.com!

IGN talks Joe Colton with Jon Chu, The Rock, and DiBonaventura

Apparently getting some good access somewhere recently, IGN (who just posted a video interview with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) has just posted a new “flipcam” interview, this time not only talking to Johnson, but also to Retaliation director Jon M Chu and producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura.  Check out the embedded video below.

G.I. Joe: Renegades DVD Season 1, Part 1 – Now with Box Art!

Minor update to yesterday’s story about the G.I. Joe: Renegades DVD, but the Amazon.com listing has now posted the box art to the upcoming Season 1, Part 1.  Very cool, evocative art that looks a lot like the figure packaging and featuring Duke, Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow.

Check out the Amazon listing, the artwork below and thanks to Captain N for the info again!

JoeDeclassified Spec Ops Podcast Episode 3 is online!

And it’s another great one.  I posted a short while ago about Jim Sorenson’s upcoming book focused on the art of the Sunbow G.I. Joe animated series…well, the JDSO podcast wasted no time in actually getting him on the show to talk about it.  We now know this book will be called “The Field Manual”, and should provide some interesting behind the scenes information to any Joe fans out there.

Best part of the interview is the idea that if this book does well, there’s a good potential for future books to come, from the Resolute or Renegades universe.  How cool would that be?

For all of the latest and greatest intel on this book or potential future projects, be sure to keep an eye on Jim Sorenson’s blog.

It’s a great interview, and you also get the same level of G.I. Joe news and information that you’ve come to expect.  Check out the JDSO Podbean Page, or hit up the embedded player below to listen.