Wal-Mart Product listing reveals 30th Anniversary “what might have been”…

We all heard plenty about Kwinn and this “mystery” wave that he was slated to be a part of at the tail end of the 30th Anniversary line.  Well, with thanks to Viper Commando from HissTank.com we now have a bit more information about this mystery wave that unfortunately never came to be.

He reports that while digging into the Wal-Mart computer system for 30th Anniversary inventory, he stumbled upon the following series of figures:


He hypothosizes that perhaps this was a final wave of 30th Anniversary figures, and it certainly seems to fit that theme.  And of course, the revelation of this series of figures is causing folks to proclaim that this would have been the best wave evah!!1 but such is the nature of fandom at large.

What I find most interesting is with all of the complaints I’ve seen online about the Crimson Guard and Night Viper, folks are absolutely positive that this wave would have been amazing…we’ve obviously seen Kwinn and we know what to expect there.  Data-Viper as well.  So really the only unknown here is “Modern Flint”.  I would have absolutely loved to have seen a Modern Flint in the 30th Anniversary/Pursuit of Cobra style, but considering he’s a main character in Retaliation, I’m sure we may see a similar theme down the road.

Word from Hasbro is still that we will get Kwinn out there somehow, some way, so here’s hoping that the bulk of this wave will see the light of day.  Certainly interesting to see this come to pass, and thanks to Viper Commander for the info.

13 thoughts on “Wal-Mart Product listing reveals 30th Anniversary “what might have been”…

  1. As a guy whose favorite character is Flint, I would love to see a 30th/PoC style…but I have a feeling we have already seen some of it in the Marauder Pack Falcon.

  2. Weird, since the Data-Viper was cancelled due to tooling and production concerns quite a while ago. He was one of my most anticipated when we first saw him, too. A gree with LBAM…I bet Marauder Pack Falcon IS modern Flint. It’s fine…my Resolute Flint is my go-to Flint anyhow.

  3. I’m with the others and think that Falcon is just modern flint with a bit of a tweak. Slap some different webgear on him and it’s REALLY close.

    Besides that… I don’t know, I wouldn’t have been over the moon about that wave. Certainly not as awesome as the Airtight / Lifeline wave, Kwinn’s long-awaited inclusion notwithstanding, although better for army-builders.

  4. Walmart around here is stocked up on clearance priced Renegades Snake Eyes, Commander and Firefly. Toys R Us and Meijer cannot seem to shake off their Renegades Scarlett, COBRA City Guard, Ripcord, and Tunnel Rat figures. Seems like the cartoon based product flopped and stagnated the ordering process.

  5. I think Hasbro should develop another wave along the lines of how the PoC followed RoC and have a way of writing Kwinn and the Data Viper into a story that off shoots Retaliation. I mean this wave line up should have happened.

  6. There’s no correlation between the two, since the Data-Viper and Kwinn were long cancelled when the Renegades waves flopped at retail.

  7. But we saw Night-Viper at Toy Fair 2012 in the slideshow. He’s supposed to be coming out in the Retaliation line. (The one in the PowerPoint didn’t have his helmet, but the presenter said he’d have it when he came out).

  8. I just hope if and when we finally get Kwinn, Hasbro doesn’t decide to go all IDW and slap a tattoo on his face.

  9. Yes. Some things were shuffled around elsewhere. Crimson Guard and Night Viper are obviously coming out in the Retaliation line. It’s likely Flint became Marauders Falcon. The only figures we haven’t seen used elsewhere yet are Data Viper and Kwinn.

  10. Shame we never got this wave, but I’m glad the Guardsman and N-Viper are seeing release in wave 5 of Retaliation (lets hope that doesn’t get the shaft).

    One day we’ll Kwinn see the Data-Viper, one day. and yeah, 7-pack Falcon is very Flint like with that head sculpt. Not too burned by that, Resolute flint is a rather good figure.

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