No G.I. Joe programming on The Hub through early 2013

A short while ago we heard rumor that a potential follow up for G.I. Joe: Renegades is potentially in the early stages, so this should really come as no surprise, since any animated series in the “discussion” phase would be for programming not slated to begin until late 2013…but for the sake of full coverage, The Hub has issued a press release confirming their line up of programming for late 2012 and early 2013.

As expected, no G.I. Joe to be found.

The press release can be found on Discovery’s Corporate Media Page, and I’ve also mirrored it after the jump.

Thanks to CIAD of for the heads up.

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JoeDeClassified Spec Ops Podcast Episode 2 is Online

The awesome SpecOps Podcast has just kicked off, and is already making some serious waves.  The first episode slammed the fandom with the unproduced Cobra Island playset and some fantastic concept art behind it, and Episode 2 certainly is not letting up.

With a very well informed and opinionated crew, they tackle the whole Toy Fair 2012 fall out and discuss the controversy over articulation and the direction of the toyline.  But that’s not all!  Fresh from a stint in Afghanistan, JoeDeClassified owner Sam “Nomad” Damon stops by and drops some knowledge on us about the Wave 5 Night Viper and Crimson Guard!

Stop reading my words, and go check it out right now.  Hit up the Podbean page, or listen to the embedded player below.

Project: ARAH Updates from SlayerCon 2

Anyone who doubts the validity of the fabled o-ring format, may want to prepare to change their minds. Straight from SlayerCon 2 in Baltimore,
Maryland, the guys behind the Project: ARAH subscription service have been sending along picture updates of the figures that will be available
from the service including Pythona and the snipers!

These look awesome.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of how the modern style figures have evolved to this point, but there is something about totally new and totally
different o-ring figures that gets me completely geeked out in a way that the modern figures don’t. And these figures are truly geek worthy.

Check out some mirrored images below, but also make sure you’re checking the Old School Creations and Project: ARAH Facebook page for more
updates. Wow, I cannot freaking WAIT to get these in hand! I’ll be buying paints and getting ready to paint ’em up very shortly.


Don’t forget, for the latest and greatest Project: ARAH information, keep your eyes on their forums.

There are also some great YouTube videos available as well: