G.I. Joe: Retaliation Dojo Battle Red Ninja & Storm Shadow FIRST LOOK

The hits just keep on coming this week, again thanks to Gyre Viper who has entrusted me to cover these items with my usual enthusiasm.

Nobody tell him that I’m taking a screwdriver to these things, too!  If you follow me on Twitter, you saw last night that I swapped out one of the lower legs on Roadblock with one from Night Adder in order to give him some more articulation, and the end result was a success!  The lower leg fits well and is the right height…obviously some color matching would have to be done.  One interesting thing, though, is that even with the double knee, the range of motion isn’t much increased.  You can see the TwitPic images below.

Along with this little update, I’ve also started covering the second 3-Pack!  From the Dojo Battle set, you can hit up the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Review Page and see Red Ninja and Storm Shadow.  Click the links below to go there directly.

19 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Retaliation Dojo Battle Red Ninja & Storm Shadow FIRST LOOK

  1. HA. Hey I’m not getting them back so I don’t care what you do with em. HAHAHAH.

  2. Love that Red Ninja figure as something different to display with the single carded version that’s coming. With the multiple configurations he offers for display, I imagine I’ll buy this pack several times.

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  4. awesome, awesome figs. im with compulsive collector…….with at least three great combos on that red ninja, im thinking multiples.
    that SS is great too.

  5. Funny you mention how much the new Storm Shadow looks like a new-sculpt figure… I can’t unsee a VvV Slice when I look at him. Admittedly, it’s not a great resemblance, but you’re not alone in seeing some cues to that era… Add to that the Red Ninja’s mask, and this pack verges on being an under-the-table “Slice through the years” set!

  6. this pack is much more desirable the other one, the other one is kind of a fail

  7. The hat already made me want to get this figure but the Sky Commanders action cements it!

  8. I would like that SS a lot more if he didn’t have the gray on the mask I think.

  9. Great reviews man. Do you have more then the two three packs? Can we expect to start seeing some single carded figure reviews in the next few days?

  10. Not a fan of Egg Shell on a Storm Shadow, but I can pretend he’s someone else.

  11. These are 2 exceedingly well done and rock-solid figures, bodes well for that ace looking Snake-Eyes.

  12. Well this one is a repaint of the original.

    I’m definitely going to use the RN as Slice.

  13. Maybe I’m in the minority but I’m just not feeling that Storm Shadow. Just feels like a huge step backwards after getting what was essentially the perfect figure. He just looks too much like a Power Ranger.

  14. Justin can i have a request for pic of SS with that Kasa hat??
    Thanks in advice ;)

  15. I too find myself enjoying the wacky parts of Gi Joe. I preferred the more realistic stuff when I was a kid but now I like the more sci fi elements. I have enough reality in my real life. That’s why I liked the initial Retaliation designs but was quickly bummed because of the articulation. Back to SS.

    I think he is a cool figure and I will enjoy getting him. I think this thread is interesting though. On one hand you have an awesome figure with fantastic articulation and on the other hand you have Roadblock. Apparently he should come with a parts kit to actually make him functional. All he needs to be a good figure is different hands, legs and a paint job. You’ve got to be kidding me. If you don’t mind then more power to you but if someone is still raving about the figure that only needs “a few swaps” then I think you need to put down the kool aid.

    In no way am I accusing anyone of being a Hasbro fan boy or hater but I am curious to see how these pan out.

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