G.I. Joe: Retaliation Action Figures FIRST LOOK – Roadblock and Beachhead

Again with thanks to Gyre-Viper and his desire to provide discussion points and better detail for community analysis, we have the last two figures in the first G.I. Joe: Retaliation Ninja Showdown 3-Pack!

I will warn everyone up front…  brace yourselves for Roadblock.  Folks who are excited for the figure may went to temper their feelings a bit before checking out the review.  And also please keep in mind that these are early samples.  Things could very well change for final release.  I tried to cover both of those bases in my review, but also had to give the figure it’s analysis based on how I received it.

Now if that didn’t scare you too much…  check out my G.I. Joe: Retaliation Review Page or hit up the links below.

  • Scramble

    Sounds like the Ninja Showdown 3-pack is not a great start to the Retaliation figures. Depending on Roadblock’s hand, the pack averages either a three or just below a 2 star rating.

  • alvarobm

    Justin, the Snake Eyes appearing on Roadblock´s review is a movie version, too? His head seems to be a retool from the VvV commando SE. Is it right?

  • I have to believe Roadblock comes with the open hands and the battle kata was just prepro. With open hands it’s a great looking figure.

  • More color would have been nice, but I like Beachhead alot.

  • Revsears

    I have to say I am really disappointed in beacheads coloring, I was really hoping for more of an Olive drab color. A true v1 paint match would be a perfect figure. Hasbro really seemed to drop the ball on painting on this set (including white guy roadblock?)

    I would agree the sculpt for the RoadRock is great. If articulated well it could have been an amazing slaughter (thanks for that pic btw) or with some paint Barrage, or even that obscure High-Tide character from DDP and the phoenix guard.

    I really wish Hasbro would release that SE “Ultimate” mold in standard olive drab, I’d buy at least 13 of them without hesitation. (o 13 minus scarlet, and beachead!) since beachhead is masked he would have been the perfect way to do this too.

    Thanks for the reviewing, but I am now actually thinking maybe I’ll skip this beachead and try to pick up another of the POC Steel Brigade B if instead and repaint him.

  • Jester

    The “great suppressed weapon from the Pursuit of Cobra Beachhead” is an H&K MP7 SMG, which Snake Eyes seems to favour, albeit without the supressor or optic, in the upcoming film. All things considered, it’s a nice replacement for and nod to SE’s traditional Uzi, which, to be honest, is a bit ancient at this point.

  • Patrick Stewart

    I am sure that the hands can be replaced with other ones if you add a dab of hot glue in there. It doesn’t stick permanently and will allow movement if it works the same as it does on the neck. Of course, I wouldn’t try that on a preproduction figure.

    And I agree that this 3 pack RB will probably come with open hands anyway.

  • Matt Cargile

    I’ll have to see Beachhead in person before I pass judgement on the colors. I’ve pretty much accepted that I’ll be painting camo and details on the Retaliation figures I pick up, so if its a decent base color I’ll be fine. I like that his outfit is kind of dialed back a bit from the Pursuit of Cobra version.

    The hands are absolutely make or break on Roadblock. I don’t exactly have a lot of spares kicking around, and the non-functional ones reduce him to the level of a happy meal.

  • Neon Viper

    Well, i only see a lot of custom potential here, and nothing more. It really sux those hands on Roadblock and no ankle articulation, i can’t understand why hasbro is taking steps back with this line, other than save a few bucks.

  • Greg

    I sure do hope Roadblock comes with normal hands. In addition to the press photos (as stated in the review), the loose and packaged Roadblocks on display at Toy Fair both appeared to have normal hands.

  • Kingofnod5

    they both look great, Beach head would have been my display one if the POC one never came out, It’s gonna take a lot to make that change to be honest :P.

    Roadblock I really do hope he comes with open hands cause just about everything else is bad-ass, also I need to track down a Slaughter to make that kick butt head swap.

  • ero

    You shame Sgt. Slaughter with that head swap! ;)

  • Lowlight33

    You can send me the Beach Head and I would be happy to paint him the proper colors for you ;-) Great review. I look forward to this three pack, still a little unsure about the Kamakura. I like that they painted Beach Head’s flag backwards to symbolize bravery.

  • DrSyn

    The hands on Roadblock, yikes. Good thing I have a spare or 2 to swap out like Justin suggested and illustrated. Even with the single knee and no ankle he’s a good figure. As long as the knee bends well enough to go 90° or more i’m okay with some figures (reminds me of the Modern era JvC VvV days which I have a fondness for).

    Beachhead is fine, I’d want a few so I could mix up the webgear and add to the Steel Brigade. All in all I’d buy this 3-pack a few times.

  • Ryan

    I still dig the Beachhead. I wish the color was a little more on the green side like some of the pictures made it seem, but It’s still not too bad. I’ll have to have him in hand before I decide whether or not he’s my “go to” version.

  • Hawkwinter

    In my opinion, this 3-pack is pure win. Love all three figures. Could they have been even better? Sure, one can always find something to adjust one way or another but this is a cant miss for me. Thanks for the review Justin and the early figures Gyre. Having a blast looking at these.

  • Dusty Ayers

    I like Beachhead if only from the stand point that he has full articulation. The POC Beach is awesome but his vest restricts how he can hold his weapons. I would have loved to have seen an ultimate BH here. Kamakura is an ugly kit bash with a barf of accessories just to sell the figure. RB may or may not have functional hands and no ankle articulation to boot.

    I think H is going to try and get some mileage out of older molds to help pay for newer ones and to increase profit. I wouldn’t mind it if the ultimate SE and Renegades Duke body were used all over but that won’t happen.

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