Moviefone follow up reveals Cobra Commander and Destro details

Yesterday nerdy writer for the Huffington Post Mike Ryan posted a sufficiently nerdy interview with Jon Chu, revealing some never before revealed details behind the bad guys in G.I. Joe: Retaliation.  On Twitter yesterday, he promised me that he would follow up with producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, and he has delivered!

Diving deeper into the Cobra Commander question, Mike Ryan uncovers that in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, this Cobra Commander is a totally different guy than in the last film:

I know Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not in this movie. But is the Cobra Commander in this movie the same character we saw in the first movie?


So it’s a different guy?
Different guy.

So someone else took over?
Someone else took over, yes.”

Certainly a clear indication that somebody else is now wearing the Commander’s trademark mirrored mask.  Of course, being the bonafide G.I. Joe fan that he is, Ryan also tried to get more details on the whole Destro situation.

For the new film, was there any thought of bringing back Destro. He’s a popular character. Even if Christopher Eccleston didn’t want to come back, it wouldn’t matter now that he has the mask, right?

Umm [smiles]…

You’re smiling. There’s something going on. 
Yeah, there is. But, Destro, you’ll see Destro again. You’ll see Destro again. For sure. If not in this one, perhaps in another one. You’ll see.”

So perhaps we won’t see him in Retaliation, but it’s obvious that there are some clear plans in place for Destro within the franchise.  That’s good news.  There are plenty of other great questions and insight throughout this follow up interview, so definitely hit up Moviefone to check out the full interview.  It really is great.

I’ve gotta thank Mr. Ryan for getting to the bottom of some of this stuff.  After seeing press butcher actor names and actually call the film “G.I. Joe: Retribution” today, this was a refreshingly accurate and educated interview.  Check it out!

10 thoughts on “Moviefone follow up reveals Cobra Commander and Destro details

  1. So… Cobra Commander is Baron Ironblood? Or Destro? Or Hawk? How can they do it right? I can’t wait to find out!

  2. I saw on IMDB’s page for Retaliation that Zandar is now listed in the cast. I haven’t checked it in a few weeks, but I don’t ever remember seeing Zandar appear as a character on there before..

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  4. I think we should start an internet tradition of calling it GIJoe:Retribution. It’s kind of funny.

  5. I love how Lorenzo Di Bonaventura is trying not to say “the first movie sucked” lol Really looking forward to the damage control that is going to be GI JOE Retaliation lol good luck Jon Chu

  6. Well if that’s another CC, I guess we’ll at least hear about the first one again. You can’t make a character disappear like that. Maybe we’ll see a Cobra civil war in the 3rd film…

  7. More importantly, they’re already talking about a third movie.

    It certainly sounds as though they’re confident enough about this one that they won’t have to have their asses saved by international grosses again.

  8. so when Lorenzo says “Someone else took over” does he mean a new actor took over as cobra commander or the cobra commander character is new?

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