Toy Fair 2012 Initial Image upload

Quite a whirlwind day today at the Hasbro Toy Fair event as usual, but with a bunch of very cool G.I. Joe: Retaliation stuff revealed! Here is a quick image dump of various items that were on display today at Toy Fair. I will be working throughout the night tonight to refine and get a much more organized, cohesive look at the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation toys.

Enjoy this quick slam of images, and keep your eyes peeled to GeneralsJoes as I rotate images, organize them, and plan on getting the Retaliation toy SuperPage completely updated for Toy Fair!

12 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2012 Initial Image upload

  1. Oh that Night Viper and Crimson Guard, all of my want.

    Apart from a few figures and some reduced articulation on some, these are some great figures.

  2. Roadblock is a ninja. AWE is a ninja-mobile. Everybody is a ninja. Ninja, ninja, ninja!!!

    My first impression about these figures is: this movie will be a crap. Serious crap.

    Talking about them…

    Some catched my attention: CC looks great, and seems to have double-joint knees. Firefly is cool, too. Also the HALO greenshirt. So do the ninjas, but, oh God, they’re ninjas at all. The best one is Zartan.

    Flint big-headed, Lady Jaye scarlett-bodied, and Roadblock poor-armed didn’t thrill me. Poor Joe Colton got Recondo’s body…such a waste of a great head sculpt.

    About those drivers: it’s hard to believe they’re manufactured by the same company who released Lifleline, Airtight, Sci-Fi and Techno-Viper, one month ago. Pure trash. I just wonder: if the goal is to save money, why not reuse previuos molds, instead of make new without the articulation points?

  3. Joe Colton’s paint apps and parts look like maybe this is just a model that Hasbro threw together. And some of the other figures’ paint apps and parts look cheap as well, like maybe (hopefully!) they, too, were thrown together as a sneek peak just for the show but aren’t the final product.

    Just my 2 cents.

  4. Thank you for these images. Things are actually looking a lot better as the waves go through. Wave one is the Kiddie Assortment mostly, I hope sales are enough that all five waves make it.

  5. I love what I’m seeing from Toyfair so far. No loosers in the bunch. I’ve kept telling people we would get a Jinx figure and while not classic looking, she looks great to me. None of that matters thought because NIGHT VIPER! A classic themed Night Viper at that. I’ve always loved Night Viper and am so buying lots of that.

  6. They’re saving money on assembly. With less parts to a figure, less time is taken putting them together so they save on labor.

  7. Lady Jaye is just the perfect use of Renegades Scarlett’s body. How great is it to finally get a green camo Firefly with two great heads?

  8. That Alley Viper is a nice homage to Version 3. Somebody’s gonna make a great custom Renegades Jinx with that Cyber Ninja alternate head. That Mercenary Wraith head has not aged well.
    The Night Viper makes nice use of the Jungle Viper head with the Shock Trooper body.

  9. That Night Viper looks pretty nifty. Might have to buy that Joe Colton just to have a tiny Bruce Willis.

  10. Some of the choices do not make sense. There is a tried and true CG mold and yet he got multi wrists? The Alley Viper doesn’t have a vest? Man, that dude looks like he needs a cheeseburger. Cobra cut backs I guess. Some are lamenting that they are Renegades repaints and to that I say so what? I may be in the minority but I would rather have an entire line of shameless repaints and new heads but with the awesome POA.

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