Hasbro reveals new G.I. Joe Retaliation toy images!

Wow, here’s an unexpected event for a Friday morning.

Only two days after the first images of G.I. Joe: Retaliation toys were revealed, Hasbro’s G.I. Joe website has shown thumbnail images for a large run of G.I. Joe: Retaliation toys, including more figures, vehicles, and role play items!

The page can be found right here, and I’ve mirrored the images below!  Check it out, with more analysis coming later.



Battle Sets

Role Play

Big thanks to Jay from Toy News International and Hasbro’s Twitter Page for relaying this information!

Interesting to note as well, San Diego Comic Con Exclusives are a part of this release, including a pair of Jinx figures (classic!!!) and a “Shockwave” HISS Tank.  WOW!  A real stunner of some intel this morning.

SDCC Exclusives

  • Howie

    WHOA WHOA WHOA what’s up with that one purple vehicle having the Decepticon logo on it?? Nice Scoop!! Love the Arashikage logo on some vehicles

  • TheSnackist

    Hate to break it to you, but I suspect those “Ninja Commando” versions of Snake Eyes and Roadblock are not 1/18 scale. They look oversized, especially if you look at this sidebar image: http://www.hasbro.com/gijoe/en_US/images/road_block_1_1.png

    Looks like there are a number of tiny screws in the arms and legs. Plus, why would they present them after the vehicles in the toyline page? I like they will be larger figures at a higher price point.

  • Anonymous

    Oh. My. God.

    This line is going to be FUN! I almost don’t even know where to start.

    For some of these simply being “movie inspired” figures, they sure look good!

    Cobra Commander: Looks like some more detail on the figure. The gold braid I don’t seem to remember from the first press releases.

    Cobra Trooper: Parachute! Anyone else have the urge to do their own parachute drop off the roof of their house? Scene right out of the cartoon.


    GI Joe Trooper: Looks like they have a little bit of a Cobra disguise going on. Nice!

    White Jinx variant (SDCC) – Beautiful facial sculpt.

    Shockwave HISS (SDCC) – This one’s going to be a doozie to get. Love the clear molded canopy

    FangBoat w/ Swamp Viper: Ever since the GIJCC repainted the Mega-Viper as a Swamp Viper I have been in love with that mold. (Ok, so that being my first con set, it’s a little sentimental) Looks like there is some of that original Mega Viper/Swamp Viper design in this figure. I can’t wait.

    Tread ripper w/ Clutch: Looks pretty good. Neat little vehicle that looks like it would be more Cobra than Joe. Clutch looks pretty good, but hard to make out what kind of details are there

    Ninja Commando 4×4 w/ Snake Eyes: I feel like I’ve seen this before somewhere… hmmm.

    Ninja Combat Cruiser: Looks like a nice addition to the VAMP family. They beefed up the back end and added a, in my opinion, beautiful shade of blue to the vehicle. Loving it

    HISS Tank: They’ve really improved on this mold. A little bit more in line with the original HISS with the windshield portion back in place. LOVE the Cobra Blue coloring on this. Absolutely beautiful. Hard to make out the driver, but he looks pretty good. Definitely a more CC vibe going on.

    Ghost Hawk w/ Duke: This jet looks nice! It’s very similar to the plane in the movie clip except for the tail. Maybe they’ll have one for Cobra as well and just replace the tail with the Rattler-esque one. Hard to make out Duke’s details. Pilot helmet at least covers up his face.

    Ninja Showdown: Quite honestly this is the first time I’ll be excited to pick up a ninja set. Snake Eyes is there with all of the gear absent in the individual figure, and I’m not sure who else is in the set… Slice and Dice?!

    Ninja Dojo Battle: Looks like Firefly, RockBlock, and some ninja. This looks like the Roadblock I’d love to get my hands on, mega gun aside. Firefly is looking good… pretty old school Firefly from the looks of it

    That’s my take for now!

  • Revsears

    I would agree, mass market 12 ” maybe?

  • Jester

    The pictures of the “Battle Pack” figures seem to suggest that Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, at least, have double-jointed knees.

  • Alexx

    WOW…thats ah….a lot of ninja stuff! I saw the VAMP and figured it was a Cobra vehicle but, nope! Ninja VAMP. Why a ninja VAMP? Is this Ninja Force again? Not that it matters much, you can use it how you want. Still…lotta ninja stuff.

    Beyond that, the vehicles do look nice, and it’s cool that the HISS is coming back. The driver looks cool, along with the Swamp Viper they have with the Moccasin. Also liking those battles sets! I see a possible Slice – FINALLY. Even if he isn’t I’m totally gona use ’em as Slice. The other set seems to have a Kamakura, so that’s another score.

    Finally: is Jinx ONLY a con exclusive? I hope not. She’s in the friggin’ movie, so she better get a normal release.

  • Revsears

    Simply floored, I wasn’t expecting anything else to Toy fair. Looks like the joe versions of those bike use the roc modded versions of the old VVV bikes. Fireflies looks new. I seem to be able to spot a resolute SE head on the Se with the bike.

    I’m also noticing a heavy Ninja theme here. Not sure I like Ninja Roadblock or Ninja bike flint as an idea but the figures seem okay.

  • Damn you, San Diego Comicon!

  • Jester

    Other than that, can’t say I’m really particularly pleased with the looks of most of the figures. There seems to be a surfeit of over-sculpted torsos, with few if any of the removable plastic vest/webbing pieces that have become such a trademark of the line in the last few years.

  • Jester

    If you’re going to comment on the familiarity of the Ninja 4×4, you shouldn’t leave out the Scout HISS-turned-Tread Ripper.

    Also, I suspect the not-Roadblock, not-Ninja figure in the Dojo Battle set is Beachhead, I suspect.

  • TheSnackist

    Yep, I’m thinking something like that. Or maybe 6″?

  • Josh

    my first reaction to seeing that Cobra Commander was “wow!! now THIS is what POC shoulda been!” in my opinion, the POC was GI Joe as if it were in real life, modern day. And we got SO many perfect figures….Snow Job, lots of Dukes, and most importantly Snake Eyes. The Renegades Storm Shadow was clearly a continuation of that idea. A real life SS. So maybe these Retaliation figures will continue that theme? What if Cobra Commander was a real guy in a cool combat suit with a shiny mask? Boom. New CC figure. What if Zartan was really a weird chameleon guy? Yeah…new Zartan! And hopefully there is a new Firefly as well! So maybe POC is long gone but the SPIRIT lives on….21st century re-imagining of our favorite characters!! Let’s hope so!!

  • Revsears

    speaking of re-use it looks like the “ultimate” SS and “Ultimate” Se (especially legs) are used as parts everywhere, and that’s not a bad thing!

  • matt cargile

    Even if they’re almost entirely rehashed or modded designs (hello long overdue Stinger), it’s amazing how much better looking the vehicles shown here are than the ones for ROC. They aren’t just static hunks of plastic.
    Is the tank top version of Roadblock a reused Sgt. Slaughter mold?

  • Eddie

    Now that you mention it, yes totally. Maybe they are 8″ figures with less articulation for the younger kids to bash and brawl. Pretty cool actually!

  • matt cargile

    Yeah. Not cool about Jinx. I wish Hasbro would realize that well crafted female characters do sell. I never saw an abundance of Helix figures warming pegs, and I have never seen a Renegades Scarlett in a store. Zarana would have sold. If they want to be cautious, make Jinx and Lady Jaye chase figures.

  • Southzen

    This is all pure win. I MUST have that SDCC HISS!!!

  • LockOn

    My thoughts
    1. Ninja Combat Cruiser rocks!
    2. I get the feeling that G.I.Joe is going Ninja crazy. Ninja Commando Roadblock?
    3. Cobra trooper with a parachute cool!
    4. What is the G.I.Joe trooper wearing?
    5. Why do the Kim Arashikage figures have to be Comic Con exclusives? Those look amazing and now it’s going to be difficult to get them.
    6. Where are Lady Jaye and Flint?

  • Revsears

    I’m wondering if this new classic Jinx will assist people in passing on the club’s subscription service. I personally prefer the design of the club’s but it seems like i’m in the minority, and the Jinx was a big selling point to a lot of folks.

  • Alexx

    Yeah, looking at these again, I think the Con exclusives are trying to give us classic Jinx and Renegades Jinx ’cause they probably know they’ll never get to ’em. I assume we’ll still get the Movie Jinx in the new toyline, since they don’t have any reason to skip her. Chances are that the torso that the exclusives are using is the same torso that will be used in the movie figure.

  • NINJA!!!!! Seriously, they went a bit overboard with the ninja theme.

  • Gigamach

    This is ALL great, but I can’t stand that they relegated Jinx to Comic Con exclusive status. Better her than Kwinn, but it’s a bad move on Hasbro’s part, unless they make her in massive abundance like Destro. Come to think of it, it’s a GREAT move on Hasbro’s part, as they’ll sell her for twice the retail price and make bank, knowing how in-demand she is and yet whining that “nobody buys female figures, so…”. Whatever. Boy, I can’t wait for the typical Comic Con lines…again. Oy…

  • Anonymous

    How about some autobots for the Joes?

  • crimsonpool

    im a little upset at how Flint does not seem to be wearing his beret : ( everyone else looks Great!

  • Dusty Ayers

    I agree. One of the things I’m liking so much about these figs is because they feel fun again. The 25th anniv was awesome but they were heavily weighted towards the past. Renegades and now these toys makes me feel like Gi Joe is coming out of the shell of the past and trying to forge a new identity and I love that.

  • Dusty Ayers

    I had the same reaction to the excessive “ninjafication” of everything. Ninja Vamp, huh? Ninja Roadblock? Now that’s just getting ridiculous.

  • Dusty Ayers

    I’m assuming they will be part of the mentioned but not shown “group of 14 more.”

  • Dusty Ayers

    I wonder how well the club is going to do with a bevvy of awesome figures produced by Hasbro. Many of these figs make the sub figs look kind of crappy in my opinion.

  • Dusty Ayers

    I wonder if they will be like the huge accelerator Duke from the ROC line. That’s actually a pretty cool toy and my son likes to play with him. He just calls him “Robot Man!”

  • Dusty Ayers

    Yeah from what I gather here and on the Tank the Jinx issue has a lot of folks fired up.

  • FredVIII

    Like the new canopy and weaponry of the HISS, but not sure about the new “old school” treads. I know some people had issues with the functionality of the POC HISS threads, but these new ones don’t integrate aesthetically with the rest of the vehicle all that well IMO. New VAMP (or whatever they’re calling it) is cool, but would rather have seen it in black as a STINGER (or just in better VAMP colors). Lots of cool stuff, though. Love the Cobra Trooper especially, though I wish the colors were a bit darker, but that’s what repaints are for!


    Hate to give you the bad news but Kwinn is probably going to be an NYCC exclusive so there will be another pain in the ass exclusive to get this year.

  • Joe Stewart

    I am already sick of the Ninja stuff

  • LockOn

    Good point. I think I like these new SDCC Jinx versions better than the Subscription Service one. And she is one of the figures that are making me consider the Subscription Service.

  • LockOn

    Yeah good call. They have to have a few surprises for the upcoming toy fair.

  • LockOn

    I don’t have a HISS yet but maybe you can swap out the new treads with the old ones?

  • LockOn

    yeah I wouldn’t mind if the yellow/back Jinx used the same body as the red SDCC exclusive.

  • LockOn

    I keep looking at the color of the Ninja Combat Cruiser. It reminds a bit of the G.I.Joe Mudbuster, so I might use the pair together.

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