G.I. Joe: Retaliation Figures and Vehicles – High Resolution Images from Hasbro

Big thanks to the tireless efforts of the folks with Hasbro Public Relations’ firm, who have quickly gotten together the images we saw earlier in nice and crisp high resolution!  These new images should provide some very nice detail…and some not very nice detail.

You’ll notice some articulation changes in some places and some other things that are worthy of concern…  but still plenty to love.  Check out the images below.

3 3/4″ Basic Figures

Larger Scale Action Battlers

Battle Sets

Alpha Vehicles

Bravo Vehicles

Delta Vehicles


More information will be available at Toy Fair on February 11th.  Make sure you’re here!

35 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Retaliation Figures and Vehicles – High Resolution Images from Hasbro

  1. Also colour me unimpressed by the line apparently being even MORE cartoonish-huge missile launcher-heavy than RoC…

  2. “Yeesh” on the “play features”. Yay on the designs in general, but the lack of articulation is disheartening. Loving the new HISS and the new VAMP – NOT loving that the Joe Trooper seems to be stuck in the hunched position because of his ankle joint lack of articulation. Also, the single-pack Roadblock is an easy pass with his stuck-in-hand holster. CC still looks good to me, as do the Cobra Troops, but I think they’re gonna becaome exactly what my last movie Cobra Troopers became…Red Shadows.

  3. Looks to me like Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, the Red Ninja, and GI Joe troopers will have roller ankles, along with all the figures in both 3 packs except Roadblock. And the 3 motorcycle riders too. *shrug* That doesn’t really bother me. GI Joe is about selling toys to kids, and kids don’t necessarily like a billion teeny, fiddley accessories and so many articulation points. I know if I were buying toys for a kid, I probably wouldn’t get them the current GI Joe.

  4. These are definitely prototypes and not the finished product. You can tell by the plugged screw holes and patchy knee joint pegs on the legs. With that I’ll reserve judgement until we see packaged samples of the actual product.

  5. A lot of wasted potential IMO. This could have been a great line but I really don’t like the cartoony colours and the poor articulations.

  6. Those action figures are absolutely crap. A step so far backwards I don’t even know what I am looking at. I will definitely save a lot of money AVOIDING most of these figures.
    Let’s hope these are prototypes, but the sculpted designs for the vehicle drivers are depressing.

  7. Pre Production samples. Look at The Bike w/Flint. He has Resolute/City Strike Snake-eyes Knee and Lower legs. The Upper thighs might be the PoC/Cobra trooper thigh without the bit for the holster.

    They’re not gonna make new tooling for a one piece leg when they have all this tooling to use.

    That aside, I love the New HiSS retool, FANG boat, Ninja VAMP and GHost Hawk2.

    Single cards look great, though some lie CC, Roadblock and Duke might have simpler legs like the Spy Troops and VvsV days.

    I really want those 3packs. Oh lordy.

  8. As I look at these vehicles that include non-action figures, I cannot believe that for the first time ever I am looking at how I can fit a vehicle into my G.I. Joe collection even though I will have to throw out the included figurine and most of the accessories, and these ARE Hasbro G.I. Joe products? Weird.

  9. 5 Points of articulation?!? Last time i checked, we left the 70’s way behind! Don’t screw this, Hasbro!!!

  10. I am super interested in how the HISS driver slots in to the upper cannon. Great addition HASBRO to make that tank commander position.
    I wonder if Zartan’s alternative heads tie into the death of the Hard Master in the movie.

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  12. As far as the giant spring loaded stuff goes, Duke’s missile launcher looks like it might be salvageable just by removing the orange missiles. I still think the large modular gun he has will be okay when moved from the launcher.

  13. I rather like the giant snake staff, if you remove the missile. Very 80s.
    I’m digging the mohawk on the HALO trooper, along with the grenade launcher.
    It’s a pretty small price to pay to have to discard some spring loaded “play value” items to get some wonderful figures. I’m surprised by the sour reaction, particularly because we all have so many surplus weapons and accessories.
    I am super confused on the additional images of Zartan, in that the alternatives added today don’t have any black on the upper chest. Does something to attach to the “normal” cloak? The crossbow’s sweet.
    I am curious as to why Firefly/Beachhead’s gun has a black portion, while the rest is grey.
    I enjoy that so many of the weapons seem to come with silencers.
    I wish there were a hi-res image of the Swamp Viper and the pilot Duke.
    Clutch’s hat and glasses look perfect.
    It’s neat the Stormy has barbed swords. Snake’s blade looks cool.

  14. HISS, Red Ninja, Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow will be bought on sight. I’m also tempted by the Water Moccasin.

  15. I cannot believe they are taking us back to VvsV as far as articulation goes in order to include total crap like that giant snake staff.

  16. Well…how interesting. I notice some articulation points missing on the single packs, but nothing that is gona bother me. I don’t need the ankle joints and the double jointed knees on EVERYONE.

    The vehicle drivers though…ugh. I really hope those are prototypes, ’cause I’m not getting vehicles now. I was looking forward to a new Clutch…but that’s not it. No sir. I’m not even that big on the vehicle, I just wanted the figure! Forget it now. I may get the new HISS. That’s about it. Anything else that comes with a crap figure like that is a pass. Vehicles are usually secondary for me anyway – I like the figures better. They wana ruin that part that’s thier choice.

  17. I can’t adequately explain how much I LOATHE what Hasbro has done here. They have created an AWESOME lineup of figure, and then completely hobbled half of them with CRAP articulation. So now instead of buying case after case of awesome stuff, I will be fighting it out in the trenches with all the other collectors scrambling to try and buy only the figures that are actually worth having. I actually would have rather the toys not look that great so I could just pass on this whole fiasco. Just leave out the frickin’ missile launchers! I don’t know if cursing is allowed here, but all I can say is FUCK YOU HASBRO.

  18. Unfortunately, they might. There was an 8″ Sigma 6 Snake Eyes that came with the Metal Mayhem mech. The Snake Eyes had an original head but reused parts from the neck down. And yet, the parts have a third the articulation of a traditional Sigma 6 figure, no even bending at the elbows. Apparently modifying existing tooling to have fewer points of articulation can be cheaper than just using the tooling as is.

    Again, they might be going this route. You might still be right.


  19. Man I’m turning that Ninja Combat Cruiser into a Coyote! Taking that missile launcher off, and adding a gun that retracts inside somehow. Sticker set a cobrastickers already!

  20. Based on the little pics of pilot Duke I think he will have the same helmet as Skytriker Ace.

  21. If they want to do a “scaled back” movie line then fine but I definitely want to hear the plan for after the movie.

  22. Thing is, I can deal with some figures missing ankle joints or double knees.

    I can’t deal with 5 points of articulation and t-crotches (again).

    Especially if you have such great looking sculpts. You’ll end up with figures who can’t sit in things properly because they’ve sculpted the hips at a certain angle and the seat is only so wide (like that Power of the Force Han and Chewbacca who couldn’t fit in the cockpit of the Millenuim Falcon together.)

  23. With our first baby on the way, my wife and I have been tightening our budget. After looking at these images, I should be able to cut most of my G. I. Joe spending. The exclusive Jinx figures are great, and I have hope for a Kwinn somewhere down the line. However, I will probably pass on most everything else unless better articulation and fewer clan emblems are revealed.

  24. Hey Justin nice predictions. A couple of episodes of WOJM back you said that the movie line might do the same as the marvel vehicle line and make the figures with zero articulation. Care to pick 7 numbers for my next lotto play for me? I’ll still buy them but the figures may get a custom look. I do like the fact we are getting some resemblance to the Howler and that the main figure line seems very cool.

  25. EVERYONE CALM DOWN. That’s better. Now, let’s THINK about this before we react. The movie line of figures is for the mass market not collectors and who are those masses ? Kids ! And when you were a kid what were your favorite Joe and Cobra figures ? 90% of you will say Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. This line of figures is for a new generation to embrace Joe and most kids gravitate towards the ninja stuff, so I get it. And while you guys are complaining about the vehicle drivers lack of articulation, you seem to be overlooking the awesome Storm Shadow and Red Ninja figures. And how about that camo painted version of the Rock as Roadblock ! Chunk the spring loaded missle launcher and give him the silver and black heavy machine gun from the ROC desert pack of Joes and let him kick A$$. New Night Force anyone ? How about best Cobra Commander EVER anyone ? (I admit I used the Interrogator as CC back in the day so this is a perfect hybrid of the 2 styles). And I LOVE the “Ninja” jeep that will become a Coyote for my Renegades. A Cobra trooper with a cool parachute, a futuristic but believable Duke, an awesome little jet in the Ghost Hawk II, a GREAT upgrade to the HISS (I can totally see my Resolute Destro sitting in that gun turret). I could go on and on and we haven’t even seen a Bruce Willis Joe Colton or Adrianne Palicki Lady Jaye yet (you know it’s coming). And finally the trailer alone for this flick is more entertaining than the entire first film. All I can say is YO JOE !!!!!

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