Brian Truitt from USA Today reveals FIRST LOOK AT RETALIATION TOYS!

In a week already chock full of G.I. Joe: Retaliation news and information, USA Today comes through with another awesome G.I. Joe onslaught!

Courtesy of USA Today resident geek Brian Truitt, and mere days before the 2012 Toy Fair, we get our first looks at upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation action figures.  The excellent USA Today article gives us a peek at:

  • Roadblock
  • Cobra Commander
  • Cobra Trooper
  • Duke
  • G.I. Joe Trooper
  • Red Ninja
  • Snake Eyes
  • Storm Shadow
  • Zartan

Upon first glance, it would appear many of these figures are not necessarily movie accurate, but bring a very cool modern style with some classic elements, too.  Some more insight after more digestion.  Hit up USA Today to check out the entire article!  Also be sure to follow Brian Truitt on Twitter to keep all up to date with the latest intel.

27 thoughts on “Brian Truitt from USA Today reveals FIRST LOOK AT RETALIATION TOYS!

  1. Interesting. I see Zartan’s figure. Will we actually see Zartan look like that in the movie?

  2. Hey that’s a Duke we haven’t seen in the trailer… maybe he doesn’t die?

    That’s CC is AWESOME!!

    As is the Rock.

    Like what I see so far!

  3. Love every damn one of them, although I think that Dukes uniform kinda looks like Sci Fi in that picture.

    My only problem is the Cobra trooper. It seems that for the past year now, every time Hasbro produces a new Cobra Trooper I want them to be my default trooper. I’m not made of money Hasbro!!!

  4. very floored by the images. I’m sure more accurate movie figs will be out, at least of roadblock. Those Joe troopers look interesting, i don’t like joe army builders, but I still may have to pick one up.

  5. Is it just me, or does that Zartan’s shoulders and arms look strangely… Disjointed? They look like them stick out on pegs, they don’t really look like part of the body. Looks very strange.

    Red Ninja looks to be using the new Storm Shadow tooling, as predicted.

    To me, the most interesting ones are the GI Joe Trooper and the Cobra Commander. Color me intrigued.

  6. Man, they really knocked these out of the park; I was completely planning on skipping most of the Retaliation stuff but these are extremely impressive. It’s been a great year for army building characters and the Joe 2 stuff looks like it’s going to really take that to the next level! I hadn’t even thought of using the new CC as Interrogator though that’s much better than pining how it isn’t exactly the IDW look!

  7. I…have no words. These are just DOPE. I LOVE the troop builders, and I can’t believe I’ll be buying another CC with agression. And that Zartan makes me grin. Fun stuff!

  8. It’s being pointed out (and I fear correctly) that several of them have lost the ankle joint (Roadblock, CC, Cobra trooper, and Snake-eyes) I really hope that isn’t the case once their in store, but I can’t help figure if we don’t see them no they won’t be there later.

  9. These look absolutely terrible. Awkward sculpts, reduced articulation, cartoonish weapons…

  10. most look great I’m passing on the Cobra trooper because it looks to bland and Zartan because it looks absolutely hideous. What’s wrong with how he looked in ROC?

  11. Based on the picture, anyway, I think the deifniteive modern Cobra Commander has finally arrived. If only they’d gone this route for round one.

    They all look pretty sharp. Some interesting new looks for Zartan and Storm Shadow.

  12. Give….GIVE ME TOYS!

    *ahem* Anyway yes, I’ll be buying. As if there were any question when seeing these. Absolutely fantastic. Love each one.

  13. Man, a lot of these look really sweet! I am digging the Cobra Commander, the GIJoe trooper, Roadblock, and Zartan. I can’t wait to see Flint, Lady Jaye, and Jinx.

  14. Gijoe is back Baby!!!! All other toy lines bow to the masters!!!!! May 28th will be glorious

  15. Hmmm. From a sculpting perspective, they look pretty good.
    I’m not entirely sold on the bright, vibrant colors on some of them. Cobra Commander, Zartan and the cobra trooper almost looks like something intended for Robot Rebellion. Not bad, per se, but not quite as cool as their POC counterparts.
    Also, the weapons look like they were licensed from nerf, which is weird seeing as how everyone in the trailer seems to be packing real world weaponry.
    However, I think kids will like it better than I do, and that’s what really matters here.

  16. Reduced articulation? At least the weapons aren’t those spring loaded monstrosities.

  17. Wow, what difference one movie can make. These look pretty cool. Not sold on the goofy Cobra Trooper but otherwise some great looking figures. I am still waiting for something really bad to happen. Everything about Retaliation just seems too good to be true.

  18. Wow! The good ones here are fantastic. Duke is a reasonably low point (that face makes me want to bury my fist in it), Zartan needs some pants badly and looks a bit like the Emperor but from there it is all good… Zartan’s head the crazy troopers (who I will have to touch up with some paint to make super awesome – easy). Im buying the lot – even Duke so I can act out his death over and over again.

  19. Sorry Channing, to clarify my comment below the face sculpt is terrible with that furrow. As bad as the sienna miller one from wave 1 ROC.

    I loved that legionaire Eagle movie btw. He was awesome in that! And the tortoise scene was the best enactment of the real thing in action ever filmed by far!

  20. For the non history nerds the tortoise was the roman phalanx – phalanx got the first kills usually in meets but if their formation got loose tortoise massacred it. Yes I’m bored at the pub waiting o be served in Sydney.

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