G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club posts 360 degree video of Footloose

Were folks wondering what the GIJCC Exclusive Footloose looked like from all angles?  Wonder no more!

The Collectors’ Club has posted a great YouTube video featuring their 2012 exclusive incentive figure Footloose, and finally gives us a good look at all sides of this great looking figure, including the backpack.

Check it out embedded below.

If you think the figure is cool, hit up GIJoeClub.com to join the club before March 16th!

EDIT – The GIJCC has also sent along a nice close up image of the Club exclusive figure, too.  Looking GREAT.

9 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club posts 360 degree video of Footloose

  1. I am glad they were allowed to reuse and repaint the wonderful Jungle Duke backpack.

  2. i know this is a dumb question………how does it work between hasbro and the club? hasbro makes them exclusive for the club? i ask cuz i keep reading of the sub figures…….”its the club not hasbro”.
    also crimson guard immortal’s comment about the backpack and the club being ”allowed to resue and repaint” the duke backpack, causes me some confusion.

  3. The Club controls all production and distribution for the figures. Hasbro allows them access to certain parts (usually not the “latest and greatest”) and allows them access to their factories, but the Club is responsible for all actual production of the figures themselves.

  4. great info, thanks…but it leads to a few more questions. sub figures…how does the club get new heads sculpted? also…access to the factories…like in china? the club assembles the actual toy? who’s doing the cards/packaging…hasbro?
    i find this fascinating and its starting to make clear the pricing of the sub figures.

  5. It is the Club’s responsibility, soup-to-nuts. They do have access to the factories in China. For the new heads, they likely license sculptors from Hasbro to actually sculpt the heads, but then they pay for tooling out of pocket to produce the actual part.

    The factories are the ones that do the actual toy production, but they are working for the Collectors’ Club when they do it, and the Club is responsible for the costs associated with that.

    Card backs and packaging are also handled totally by the Club.

    Hasbro gives the Club access to these resources, but Hasbro themselves are very “hands off”. The grunt work and costs are all absorbed by the GIJCC.

  6. thanks again…thats actually pretty fascinating…to me, at least–doesnt take much sometimes.
    this info also puts into much sharper focus the reason behind the potential $25 asking price of the sub figs.

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