Marauder “Gun Runners” previews an impressive line up for Wave 6

Yes, it seems like a very long time since we’ve seen new offerings from the geniuses behind the Marauder, Inc. line of weapons, but it looks like we don’t have to wait much longer.  While there were some factory related delays, Marauder, Inc. has started previewing their wave 6 offerings on their Facebook page and holy wow is this stuff looking awesome.

Even more detail than previous waves, awesome modular weapons…lots of good stuff coming from Marauder, that’s for sure.

For all of the details, keep on checking the Marauder “Gun Runners” Facebook page, and don’t forget to hit up to buy up what they have in stock now!

  • Is that the same sniper rifle that came with Lowlight?

  • Anonymous

    Looks very similar, yeah.

  • Barbecue17

    Based on the same model of gun, different sculpt, however.

    I love the Aliens styled flamethrower, the G-18, and the automatic shotgun!

  • Monte

    I respect this company, and I think they provide a valuable service to the community, but the excitement people feel whenever a new wave of their product is released just makes me realize all over again how little the military weaponry aspect of G.I. Joe means to me.

    My dad is a big gun enthusiast who makes his own powder horns and such, but I’ve just never had a head for it. As a consequence, I am inordinately impressed at Joe fans who can identify a gun by name. I can categorize them roughly into a few simple categories (pistol, uzi, shotgun, machine gun), but that’s about as extensive as my knowledge goes.

    When I was a kid, if a Joe figure, vehicle or weapon was “cool”, that’s all I needed. The H.A.V.O.C. was my all-time favorite vehicle, for example, and I remember my buddy Art dismissing it because the driver is too vulnerable to gunfire. I was stunned. That seemed like a complete irrelevancy to me, ha ha.

    The one time he and I played alongside one another, I was off in the corner meticulously choreographing a hand-to-hand battle between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, and I was baffled to see that he was just lobbing missiles at vehicles.

    My favorite G.I. Joe gun when I was a kid? The giant gun that came with Roadblock version 2. Why? ‘Cause it was big and shiny.

    Again, I think it’s cool that people can buy these original accessories and use them to customize their figures. I just wish I could relate.

  • Dusty Ayers

    I’m psyched for the Vector and sniper rifle. The new modular M-4 could be cool too.

  • Patrick Stewart

    it was always interesting to play with another kid and realize that they did it entirely different than you. one of my friends said he liked playing with me because his other friend would speak out every action…”punch” “kick” and even “fall fall fall fall fall.” It is neat to see how different kids played.

  • Littlewolvie

    I love their stuff and they are very reasonably priced (even for international buyers…yeah!!!!). I really don’t know much about guns and such and wouldn’t be able to tell you what all these pieces are, but they make for great replacement weapons for my Joe and Action Force figures. :)

  • Patrick Stewart

    These are always so good that I like getting a whole set just to collect it as its own toyline.

  • Montana Jedi

    That is a modular HK416, not M4.