The G.I. Joe: Retaliation advertising blitz begins… NOW.

Well, lookee here.

As the NFL playoffs ramp up towards the Super Bowl in two weeks, promises to be a destination website for millions of fans around the world…just in time for some well placed advertising right on ESPN’s website:

Very cool, huh?  Well, the whole Joe Pa death thing isn’t so cool, but I dig the advertising blitz hitting already.  Let’s hope the Super Bowl spot and some TV spots are just around the corner.  Kudos to the Retaliation team for getting this marketing push going already!

Thanks to Jay from Carded Heroes for bringing this to my attention.

6 thoughts on “The G.I. Joe: Retaliation advertising blitz begins… NOW.

  1. Joe Paterno died….huh, hadnt……..HOLY SHIT GI JOE 2!!!!!!!

    that gag would be valid even it were “the notebook 2”.

    best career move paterno ever made.

  2. If your mom is the type of person who thinks it isn’t right to insult a man who just died, then I’ll take that as a compliment. Considering this should be about toys, it was uncalled for and childish.

  3. she sure as hell dont hold high regard for people who do nothing about child sex abuse regardless of how many football games have been won.
    all hail college football huh?
    and my mom is room temperature just as your golden joe paterno.
    speaking of childish….name calling is right at the top of the list, you hypocrite.

  4. If I wanted to play “Cop” to folks who can’t get along, I’d stick to moderating message boards. Let’s stick to the topic, guys.

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