So about that G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club membership…

Things have been quiet from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club lately, which folks have noticed, especially when it comes to the FSS (Figure Subscription Service).  There are obviously some technical issues at work here, and hopefully we’ll get some information sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, the Collectors’ Club has renewed their push for membership and has posted some reminders via Facebook and elsewhere that if you want the 2012 Membership figure, you have to make sure you either join or renew by March 16th!

Hopefully folks who have suffered from the great Dial Tone shortage of 2011 will have learned from the experience and they realize that the $42 annual membership is worth the figure as well as the newsletter.

Speaking of the newsletter…  maybe I’m alone, but I think it’s been on a pretty great upswing in recent months.  The Adventure Team bio’s have been very well written and have integrated extremely nicely into the Real American Hero universe with some very cool homages to characters like Doc and Snow Job.  The Adventure Team comic has also been a pretty impressive piece of story telling, with art by G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero legend Rod Whigham. How can you go wrong?

But to me, the best piece of the newsletter is the ongoing Real American Hero comic story.  I think Dave Lane, Jesse Wittenrich, and Dan Khanna are really doing something fun with the comics.  This past issue began a “Footloose” storyline that had some fantastic cameos by the Night Stalkers, Hotwire, the Black Dragon helicopter and the Steel Brigade!  For folks who are jonesin to see their Pursuit of Cobra era figures in comic book form, this is what you’re looking for!  It certainly doesn’t hurt that it looks like they may possibly be touching on the whole Zombie Viper storyline…something Hasbro really should have better explored.  It also picks up on some loose ends from past convention comics, specifically the 2010 Vacation in the Shadows one!  Good stuff.

I think folks who have been sitting on the fence should get off that fence and consider signing up.  If not just for Footloose (which is a good enough reason itself) but also for the improving newsletter as well. Not even to mention the upcoming Figure Subscription Service… I think you’ll find the $42 well worth the cost.  You can check for sign up details.

6 thoughts on “So about that G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club membership…

  1. March 16th, huh? Hmm…

    When do they announce the following year’s figure? I assume it’s not as soon as March 17th?

    Despite my better judgment, I am probably going to join this year for the sub, but I have no interest in Footloose, so I think I’d rather hold off and see what the next incentive figure will be, but I suppose that depends on when the sub launches.

    One could use those Nano B.A.T. arms for a Lt. Stone custom, methinks…

  2. That’s a pretty good idea for a custom Monte! Might be much cheaper to just paint a 25th BAT arm though.

    Good reminder Justin. I am going to renew my subscription this weekend. I actually look forward to the newsletter each month. More joe stuff the better!

  3. I totally agree about the newsletter. I’ve been really enjoying the comics, and in fact, I think the 6 full issues that the Club has put out so far (4 con-exclusives, 2 for the DTC stuff they got rights to) are pretty stellar as well. They really feel like GI Joe from the Hama era, but with enough surprises and twists to stand apart and add something unique. I wish the Club would gather all the excerpts from the magazine into a trade paperback…I’d definitely buy it.

    I’d ALSO buy a collected edition of your dio-stories from the mag if they put that out…just sayin’… ;-)

  4. I wish there was a way to just get the comics. I am a member but its going to run out in a few months and I wont be renewing due to me only being interested in the comic part of the newsletter. Not intersted in really anything else the club has and so its a bit expensive to be a part of it just for the newsletter.

    Wish I could get someone to sell me their news letters LOL

  5. The Club might be a nice deal at $42, but at 88 bucks for any international member, it becomes a lot less attractive. You might say the price difference somehow makes sense, and it does, but I personally feel it’s overpriced. For me, the only reason to join the Club, would be to be able to buy their exclusives at acceptable (?) prices. But I’ve always felt the Club is not exactly international friendly and as such, prefer going through a middle person. Fortunately for me, I’ve some great, fellow American collectors who’re a lot more international friendly than the Club is and are willing to get me those items I’m interested in at a reasonable price. :)

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