Amazing cover artwork for IDW’s Cobra Command

Over on his Ryalltime blog, IDW Editor Chris Ryall has taken three separate covers from Kelsey Shannon, which are on G.I. Joe #11, Snake Eyes #11, and Cobra #11, and combined them into one large image.

It is… stunning.  Seriously.  This is one heck of an awesome piece of artwork.  I love the new Cobra Commander design, I love the face off between the Joes and the Cobra’s.  This is just fantastic.

Check out Chris Ryall’s blog, and take a peek at the mirrored image below.  Try not to drool.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a great cover, but you can really see the double standard Hasbro has displayed with what IDW is allowed versus when DDP had the license.

    First there was the Baroness cover DDP was not allowed to use for America’s Elite #17, but turned up on IDW’s issue #2, and now you’ve got the burning American flag, which was supposed to be on the bottom of the original cover for America’s Elite #29, but deemed too controversial and yet here it’s not controversial for IDW to use.

    Still though, it’s a great cover and would make a great poster if IDW was into that sort of thing.

  • Anonymous

    Very true, Todd. I’m not sure what changed between then and now…it almost seems like they were very strongly marketing for the younger crowd back then, while today (with the 25th/30th Anniversary, Resolute, and movie stuff) they are putting a larger focus on the older collector crowd. We’ll see what happens if the second movie does well and the audience expands.